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FDA Food Safety Compliance and Zip HACCP - What you need to know

fda food safety compliance and zip haccp what you need to know
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

How Using HACCP Software Puts You on the Path to FDA Safety Success

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We will examine the range of FDA food safety compliance rules and how they are met through Zip HACCP. Stringent and detailed guidelines require an in-depth understanding to maintain compliance.

Welcome back to our series on our newest app, Zip HACCP. For this article, we'll be discussing something a bit different; namely, the relationship between the app and the FDA food safety compliance rules, especially as it relates to the type of software being used. The Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, is the governing body responsible for the rules and regulations of the food and beverage industry, as well as medical and other related fields. As such, they hold the final say-so in the ability of a food service business to meet the necessary FDA food safety requirements for compliance.

As you'd imagine, one the of the major concerns for Hubworks, then, in developing Zip HACCP was to make sure that the app met these requirements and would enable the clients that use it to remain compliant as well. A great deal of time and energy was devoted to this, and now we're going to take some time to discuss in depth the reasons you should consider the app as a means to meet these FDA food safety regulations. In the previous article, we discussed the individual features of the app that help meet these needs so that we won't rehash those here. Instead, the focus will be more strictly on the benefit to you, the client.

Why Zip HACCP?

Before we dive into the meat of the argument, let's go over some of the very basic needs that will be met through the app. These aren't necessarily to do with its functions so much as what those functions offer to you and your business. And don't worry, this won't be one long sales pitch, either. This is simply meant to elaborate on some benefits to Zip HACCP that may not be overly clear upon initially considering the app.

1. Zip HACCP is intuitive and easy to use -

This may not seem to have any deeper meaning at first, but consider this, an app or program that is overly complicated, difficult to navigate, or prone to crashing will decrease your likelihood of using it because instead of improving productivity and workflow for your business, it slows it down. Make sense? It follows, then, that the single easiest way to ensure FDA food safety rules are followed in your business is to select software that makes following those rules more efficient, not less. We'll take some time in the next section to analyze just how Zip HACCP accomplishes this, and how that relates to compliance with the FDA food safety regulations.

2. Zip HACCP can help with brand protection -

Chances are, at some point in the life of your business, you will encounter a situation where the reputation of your company is at risk, be it because of a customer service issue, quality control problem, or food safety concern. Especially with the latter, the damage can be unparalleled. Being able to keep track of such a situation is vital, but preventing it from happening in the first place should be the primary goal. Doing so will save you a headache later, and will also help to guarantee that the FDA food safety regulations are being appropriately adhered to.

How does Zip HACCP help meet the FDA guidelines?

Now that has taken a tour of the two major benefits of Zip HACCP, it's time to discuss how those benefits relate directly back to the adherence to FDA food safety regulations and the technology rules that govern those. On the FDA website, there is not necessarily a list of "here's what food safety software must do to be FDA approved." After all, that would most certainly make our jobs much easier. What there is, though, is a detailed breakdown of the use of HACCP principles in food service, which directly relate back to the ways that our app can assist in meeting said goals.

1. Let's take the benefit of Zip HACCP being easy to use and intuitive, for example. One of the major things that put off a business' administrative staff from employing new technology is often the fear of too steep a learning curve for the rest of the staff. It's a reasonable concern, to be sure, which is why Zip HACCP has tried to eliminate the learning curve altogether. The checklists are easy to set up, the Bluetooth thermometers sync with ease, and the interface is designed with this sort of intuitive technological sense in mind. Like we mentioned previously, half the battle with implementing food safety technology is to do with apprehension about its ability to be used and used effectively. For that reason, creating such an easy system means all the burden to use the system falls on the staff, who will likely find it a joy to use and won't mind the process at all.

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2. This ease also presents a new opportunity to your business - because it is so simple and will almost certainly be used effectively, it will present you with the most accurate version of a project and routine activity progress you'll have experienced yet. Being able to observe this accurately means when something is not completed and checked off one of the in-app lists, you will be able to determine with more certainty than ever before whether this is a result of a staff member forgetting to check it off, or simply neglecting to complete it at all. This opens the door to honest communication and, in some cases, the unpleasant but necessary process of vetting employees who pose a risk to your business' ability to maintain the standards of FDA food safety that you seek to employ.

3. Lastly, as previously mentioned, a major benefit is brand protection. We touched on this earlier, but the point is driven home when considered in the context of FDA and HACCP regulations. Employees that are unwilling to complete the tasks that ensure proper compliance is, of course, employees that pose a threat to your business' longevity. Beyond this, though, lies the issue of being able to spot food safety risks that aren't specifically related to employee negligence. These include problems with ordering, scheduling, storage, or even preparation that can only be uncovered through a more intense analysis than most administrators have time to complete manually. Zip HACCP handles these core components of risk management internally, producing reports that are easy to read and conveniently located within the app itself, allowing them to be read from any compatible device. The result is the ability for administrators to assess any potential risks based on actual data and trends within their business and put a stop to them before they become wholly dangerous to the brand's image and reputation.

That wraps up the main points on the topic of Zip HACCP as it related to FDA food safety compliance. Hopefully, the information presented here has been useful in helping you assess your own needs for such an app, and how it might just be the thing that saves your business from any conflicts with the FDA regulations. While you're here, have a look at this other article on our site to gain even more insight into upgrading your tech.

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