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Top 5 Business Apps For Hourly Workers

top 5 business apps for hourly workers
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Many small business apps are useful for companies that have a small team of employees, but there are also many apps that are beneficial for hourly workers and companies that manage hourly workers. Learn which 5 business apps are critical if you manage hourly employees.

The Importance of the Hourly Worker's Workplace Experience

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Studies have shown that individuals who use business apps to enhance the workplace experience for employees have a smaller turnover rate and more workplace enthusiasm than those that don't. Why is this, you might ask?

Because the more that hourly workers feel they can participate in a workplace environment that supports their chances to succeed and engage them in the business, the more they may feel connected to the company, and hopefully, do a better job as a result.

Considering that most all employees use a smartphone or tablet these days, (and many use both), it's pivotal that companies take advantage of this in every way possible to enhance the experience of hourly workers. Disengaged hourly workers can pose a risk to the success of the company, and most all of us agree that we can benefit from useful technology tools to help us out in the workplace environment.

5 business apps

These 5 business apps below are some to consider if you're looking for some useful ways to enhance the experience of your hourly workers and the success of your company too. Try them out and see what you think, most all of them are free and very user-friendly.

1. SAP Employee Lookup - This app is a great, very basic app that is a contact storage-house for all your employees. You'll never have to look up another employee phone number or email again, and you'll never have to store them in your personal contacts. SAP Employee Lookup makes finding your employee's contact methods easy, fast, and best of all, it's free!

2. Zip Schedules - There are many scheduling apps available now for hourly employees, but few cater to hourly workers as well as Zip Schedules does. Zip Schedules not only allows you to create schedules on the go or on your desktop in just minutes but it also allows direct communication through the app itself for all workers in the case that last minute changes need to be made.Even better? Zip Schedules sends new schedules to employees as soon as they're posted and they can be viewed anywhere on the go or on a desktop computer.Zip Schedules also enhances the hourly workers' experience by allowing them to feel more connected to the company and allows them to notify their employer of any scheduling conflicts through the app without having to call in or interrupt them at the business itself.

3. Workbase - A similar app to most scheduling apps, but it has a unique twist that makes it especially valuable. Workbase is a team messaging app that allows an employer to assign specific tasks to hourly workers and allows everyone on the team to view who's in charge of what at the workplace.Workbase would be an ideal app if you have hourly workers that have to leave the job site and perform certain tasks, such as sales meetings or labor assignments. Schedules are also available as well as a main calendar that workers can use to stay organized and keep track of specific tasks. It's also easy to use and completely free!

4. Simply Hired - For hourly workers that are actually looking for a job, Simply Hired is a great app to search for jobs in your area that cater to your personal experience and interests. While LinkedIn is a great app to use to connect with companies, Simply Hired is more of a basic search that allows you to just "shop" around for jobs for hourly workers.You can also create a profile and directly connect with companies through the Simply Hired app all while keeping track of everything through the app itself (such as your recipe and applications).This app would also be useful for companies looking to hire hourly workers and connect with them through a simple to use, very efficient application and job search app.

5. Slack is an extremely popular app for employees of all kinds and is a unique type of team messaging system that has a variety of options ideal for hourly workers.

First of all, Slack allows you to create a team and connect whoever you want to the team through the app itself. Slack then allows you to exchange any kind of information you choose to do so through the app with your team members. Send files, schedules, photos, contact info, and anything else in less time than it would take to make a phone call or send an email.

Employees can also directly connect with one another about business related information through the app without having to go through the employer to ask a question or have to pick up the phone to find out information.

Companies of all sizes use Slack to keep track of their team and if you're looking to engage your hourly workers in an easy-to-use app, Slack is one of the best to consider.

Any of these business apps would be ideal for hourly workers, but there are many more to choose from that you may enjoy as well. Explore a few business apps on your smartphone, and discover a better way to enhance your workplace experience whether you're an employer or employee!

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