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5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs A Free Employee Schedule Maker

5 reasons your small business needs a free employee schedule maker
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Happy workforce is a productive workforce

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Can a free employee schedule maker, also known as free scheduling software, boost productivity? Let's find out.

Everyone can agree to this fact – a happy workforce is a productive workforce. When employees are happy, they are able to provide excellent customer service, meet business needs, and are generally willing to give more than is expected of them. Employee productivity is what differentiates an unsuccessful business from a successful one. A manager that is able to create work schedules that get tasks done in less time and with reduced effort will undoubtedly lead a business to success.

Increasing employee productivity

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Increasing employee productivity is definitely one of the biggest challenges managers face and the usual way of managing and communicating work schedules is not helping ways at all. It is no secret that manual employee scheduling processes tend to be a bit inefficient, inaccurate, and extremely time-consuming.

Other than the outdated manual scheduling processes, there are other modern resources and strategies business owners and managers can use to create schedules that increase the productivity of their employees. A free employee schedule maker is among these modern resources that businesses can rely upon to boost productivity, especially because automating the scheduling process has been known to give employees more control and greater satisfaction with their work.

Free web-based scheduling program

A free employee schedule maker is a free web-based scheduling program that employers can use to create employee schedules, save time, reduce labor costs, and improve employee output. Generally, web-based scheduling programs help improve the bottom line of a business.

A schedule maker is very easy to use because users don't have to possess technical or programming skills to operate the interface.

Below are some of the ways a free employee schedule maker can help boost employee productivity -

Generating schedules automatically

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When conducted manually, generating employee schedules is usually a difficult and time-consuming task, especially when scheduling a huge workforce. Most businesses prefer rotational scheduling and as most managers know by now, scheduling software makes the process easy and very effective.

Generating employee schedules automatically frees up a lot of time for managers – time that can be directed towards other tasks. This scheduling platform allows both managers and their employees to check schedules. This saves a lot of time too since managers no longer have to spend extra time notifying each and every employee of schedule changes.

Saving time, money and other resources

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A free employee schedule maker has the capability to track employee profiles, their talents, qualifications, and skill-sets. This makes it easy for managers to assign tasks in a professional manner. Scheduling software also stores all relevant data in one database and this simplifies the scheduling processes even further. Businesses that ditch manual scheduling processes for scheduling software increase employee productivity by minimizing the time spent on various tasks. For example, when managers are able to cut down the amount of time employees spend signing in to work manually, they can increase the time employees spend on other productive tasks such as serving customers. Saved time equals saved money.

Efficiently tracking overtime

With a free employee schedule maker, mangers can track overtime and compensation with almost no effort. Employees get to sign in and out without necessarily involving their managers. This is because the system keeps track of employee activity on behalf of managers making it very easy to track and control overtime.

Generating important reports

Quality schedule makers are equipped with extensive reporting capabilities that generate reports on employee performance in a self-explanatory visual interface. With these reports, managers can appraise employee productivity to see if there is room for improvement. Appraising employee output is among the various tasks of a manager that can help improve overall productivity.

Allowing remote access to work schedules and scheduling data

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Allowing both employers and employees remote access to schedules is among the major benefits of a free employee schedule maker. This gives managers full control of the scheduling process even on the go. They are able to create and update schedules from their mobile phones or from any computer any time and from any part of the world. Employees too are able to access their shifts and other information related to their shifts from their mobiles.

Other ways of improving employee output

There are other ways of improving employee output that are not related to scheduling and they include the following -

1. Training employees – training employees properly is a great way to get them more interested and engaged in whatever they are doing. When employees are well informed on the services or products a business has to offer, they are in a better position to explain anything to customers, which is usually the fist step into making a sale.

2. Engaging them – engaging employees involves encouraging them to table their concerns and suggestions. It also involves allowing them to call some of the shots, encouraging them to interact with clients more, and so on. This not only cultivates better relations between employers and employees, but it also leads to better employee – customers relations, and it also results in employee and customer retention.

3. Asking for feedback – keeping the lines of communication open makes it possible for employees to feel comfortable enough to share their concerns, suggestions, and feedback that can improve the business. Asking for their opinions and feedback also makes them feel valuable to the business.

4. Rewarding jobs done exceptionally well – rewarding employees for their efforts does not have to involve spending huge amounts of money. Even a word of appreciation can go a long way in making an employee feel appreciated. Offering little gifts and positive feedback are both inexpensive incentives that can improve employee morale and incline them to work even harder.

5. Giving them mandatory breaks – taking breaks in between work is the right of every employee. Breaks give employees time to clear work-related stress from their systems and to refocus their priorities. This enables them to return to work refreshed and ready to handle their tasks more productively.

In conclusion, a free employee schedule maker does in indeed boost employee productivity, especially when managers are able to use other strategies to boost employee morale.

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