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5 Simple Tricks to Increase Workplace Communication

5 simple tricks to increase workplace communication
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Why Workplace Communication is So Important

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Workplace communication is one of the most important tools for optimal relationships between co-workers and overall business success. Workplace communication can also benefit customers, business repertoire, and it's vital to maintaining a healthy work staff to reduce staff turnover rates.

Everyone works better and enjoys their work more thoroughly when optimal workplace communication occurs. However, most of us know that it's not always easy to communicate with everyone we work with due to logistics, varying types of attitudes among co-workers, and even common misunderstandings that happen between employees from time to time.

So if you're looking to increase workplace communication with your co-workers or staff, here are five simple things you can do starting right now to improve worker relationships, your business' reputation, customer satisfaction, and overall business success!

Hire Smart From The Beginning

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One of the best things you can do to increase workplace communication is to hire smart. Choose workers that have a positive attitude, are willing to go the extra mile at the office, and who have a good work history.

Hiring optimal workers from the beginning will improve the likelihood that workplace communication is enhanced since positive and hardworking individuals are often easier to communicate with. It will also make everyone's work experience more positive and make workplace communication easier, right from the start.

Here are some things you should know before you hire a millennial, for example.

Hold Mini Meetings at the Beginning of Each Shift

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One very effective way to increase workplace communication is to hold mini meetings at the beginning of each shift. Take 5 minutes and go over any last minute items of importance that workers should know and inform them of their top goals for the day.

Bringing employees together creates more of a community experience, makes them feel as if they're a part of a team, and it will encourage them to reach out to someone when needed and feel more comfortable communicating with the whole staff.

Create an Easier Virtual Communication Method

One other, very effective way you can create better workplace communication is to use a virtual communication method that relays information about work to one another. For instance, say someone gets sick and needs a replacement for their shift.

Using a virtual communication network tool lets you effectively see who is available and who can cover for the missing individual. Lack of communication is one reason many shifts don't get filled effectively when someone lays out or forgets about their shift.

A scheduling system is one very effective virtual tool that can increase shift performance, for example. Paper schedules can only get you so far, so using a virtual scheduling system can make all the difference. Zip Schedules is one of the best unique tools you can use to help you do this and relays not only schedule information to employees, but it also allows complete communication among your entire work staff.

Have Easy Communication Methods Available

If you're an employer, one thing you'll want to do immediately to increase workplace communication is to create easier communication methods for your workers. For instance, how easy is it for them to communicate with one another? Are there phone systems in place, Bluetooth devices available, or do they have to run around the facility in order to find someone to ask about an issue at hand?

Making workplace communication easier is much simpler when you have the proper methods available to do so. Consider investing in whatever tools suit your business best, even if it's as simple as using an online messaging system or texting one another.

Improve Your Community

Some people just show up to work, do their job, and go home, but overtime, this can lead to less motivation in the office and decrease the community setting that is vital to workplace communication.

Make your employees and co-workers feel welcome at work, not just like they're there to bring in a paycheck. Everyone wants to walk into work each day with positive co-workers feeling as if they're a part of something bigger than just a job. So do whatever you can to make that happen, whether you're a boss or an employee looking to make a positive change in your workplace environment.

For more tips on how to improve your workplace communication, check out these 8 tricks to increase worker morale at the office.

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