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5 Strategic Business Planning Apps You Can't Live Without

5 strategic business planning apps you cant live without
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Whether you own your own business or you help manage a large group of employees, chances are you are always looking for more strategic business planning tools that make life easier and that make the workplace more productive.

Organization and time management at the office can mean not only better revenue and more employee stability, but it can also mean happier employees and managers, and it can create a more fluid system for success the whole way around. One way to enhance the way any group of employees stays organized and productive is to take advantage of useful business planning tools as much as possible.

Since smartphones are a piece of technology that everyone owns and has access to now, certain strategic planning apps are a great business tool to use as part of your organization plan to enhance the success of your business. Certain apps can help you stay more organized, ensure that bills are paid and invoices are sent in a timely manner, that you stay active on social media to engage current customers without having to manage it yourself, and allow you to be available for potential new clients. It can even help you manage your employee schedules better too. And who doesn't want that?!

Check out these 5 strategic business planning apps and download them today. You'll wonder how you ever lived without them once you see how they can boost your productivity, peace of mind, and workplace success!

Zip Schedules (Shift Planning & Employee Scheduling)

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First and foremost, you're going to want to download a shift planning and employee scheduling app.

Consider Zip Schedules to be the one you turn to since it allows you to not only view employee schedules on a computer or a smartphone, but it also allows you to move schedules around, connect with employees directly through the app, and it prevent any confusion that can happen with paper scheduling systems.

With Zip Schedules, managers can create schedules in just minutes from a desktop, tablet or mobile phone using state of the art drag and drop technology. Even better, all employees receive scheduling updates instantaneously so they're always in the loop of what's going on at the office or workplace. This app is ideal for anyone who wants to stay actively engaged with their employees and also manage them better at the same time. Workers who feel more informed about schedules may be even more likely to show up to work on time and be more flexible with switching schedules or working odd shifts if needed.

Zip Schedules can even help you avoid violating any laboring laws because it is automatically integrated with software that notifies you of any state laws that affect you and your employees.

With Zip Schedules, there's no more overstaffing, understaffing, or confusion about who's working when. Employees can request time off from the app on their phone, tablet, or desktop computer and managers can directly respond accordingly. This saves time, money, confusion, and allows all workers and managers to have better communication around scheduling needs.

Download Zip Schedules on iTunes here or on Google Play here and get started with a better scheduling management system today; it's truly one of the best strategic business planning apps you can't live without.

TripIt (Trip Planning)

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If your company takes regular business trips, chances are you're always looking for ways to save money on trips, plan trips more easily, and stay in the loop about you and your employees' trip schedules at the same time. That's why the next strategic business planning app you need is a trip planning app!

Consider TripIt which is a truly unique trip planning app that allows you to manage all your itinerary on the go in one place, allows you to share it with employees at any time, make changes to your itinerary as needed, and it even syncs your itinerary with your smartphone's calendar.

If your travel plans are sent to you by a third party, TripIt also allows you to upload them and it then integrates them automatically into the software to make your entire trip planning experience even more easier. Finally, it stores all your essential travel documents within the app too. No more digging for passports or passes while you're rushing through the airport; just pull up the app and you're all set!

TripIt is available for all mobile devices and can be downloaded here. This trip planning app is one of the best strategic business planning apps that will make business trips (and even personal trips!) much more enjoyable and certainly less stressful.

Expensify (Expense Reports On the Go)

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Expensify is a unique and diverse app that allows you to streamline the way your employees report expenses,the way expenses are approved, and makes exporting expense information for your accounting much easier to help save you time and money.

Expensify offers a variety of services that make expense reporting and management easier, but their app is one their most unique business offerings and is one of the best strategic business planning apps any manager or business can take advantage of.

For instance, through the Expensify mobile app, you can take photos of receipts and directly upload those into the app to immediately be sent to your expense reports and integrate that directly into your accounting system of choice.

Expensify is perfect for trip expenses, mileage apps, business lunches and dinners, and it's also great for users who need an on the go expense management system. You can also log time and bill hours to send to your clients using the time entry feature through the Expensify app. Learn more about how this strategic planning business app can help you out here and download it for your mobile device to get started.

Casual.PM (Project Management)

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Casual.PM is a visual project management system that takes the confusion away from typical workplace projects and puts them in an easy, online experience that allows users to get a better handle on the tasks at hand ensuring a more successful completion of those tasks.

This strategic business planning app is ideal for small and growing teams of employees, non-project managers, and users who manage similar projects or repeat projects on a regular basis. It's also useful for individuals who want to make projects easier for their employees and those who want to take on a new approach to project management for their office when other options aren't getting the job done as effectively as desired.

Casual.PM is ideal because it organizes all the project tasks to be completed directly how you visualize the completion of those tasks in your mind. It's a perfect visual tool for businesses of multiple kinds and takes away the confusion and dread behind typical business projects.

Learn more about how Casual.PM can help you and your business out here and why it might be a good fit for your team.

Buffer – (Social Media Planning)

Buffer is a well-known social media planning tool that people of all lifestyles and businesses of all kinds use on a daily basis. While it might not appear to be one of the most strategic business planning apps you can use at first, Buffer is actually one of the top apps that has the potential to grow your business fast. It's also one of the number one social media management apps for a variety of successful websites today.

Managing social media outreach methods is timely if you try to do it all on your own; that's why you need an app that does it for you, and Buffer is a great tool to use to manage multiple social media streams at one time. Think - No more having to manually go in and send out tweets, Facebook posts, or pins on Pinterest; let Buffer do all it all for you!

Buffer is the best way to drive traffic to your website and business through social media along with connect with users on-the-go or through a desktop computer. It also allows you to get more engagement out of your users to get the most out of your content.

Buffer also takes it one step further by allowing you to collaborate with your team of employees. This allows your entire team to contribute to the social media outreach experience which will help engage more users and drive more traffic to your business.

Learn more here and download the app to get started!

Managing a business is hard enough on its own, but with specific strategic planning you can effectively enhance not only your business but also the employee experience too.

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