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5 Useful Benefits of a Web Time Clock You Need to Know about Today

web time clock
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Web Time Clock

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Businesses that need a more automated time and attendance system are finding exciting benefits with web-based biometric clocks. A web time clock is among the various web-based employee management tools that have gained a lot of popularity in the last couple of months mainly because it has eliminated many actions involving time fraud or time theft, such as time card manipulation and buddy punching.

Before the era of biometric time clock, most managers, if not all, had always been aware that a great deal of time theft was occurring on a daily basis, but they had no evidence to back their suspicions, and they also had no effective way to stop such practices.

Other than eliminating time theft, here are more web time clock benefits many business owners and managers are celebrating about, which you should also know about-

Easy Clocking

A web time clock, sometimes known as a time card app offers a variety of punch methods employees from all industries can use to clock in and clock out, such as through a mobile app, punching in via the web or online, and punching in at a biometric time clock.

Flexibility In Verifying Hours Or Time Worked

It is normal for employees to want to make sure that the hours they have been paid for are actually the hours they worked for, especially where overtime is involved. By turning to a time card app, businesses will be able to make it easy for employees to verify their hours by enabling them to set up accounts where they can keep an eye on their attendance, including the number of hours they have worked for every week or every day whenever they wish.

Accurate Job Costing

Web-based time and attendance systems, such as cloud based time clocks , have multi-level job costing to classify the way workers spend their time at work. For example, when employees have complicated arrangements that require them to perform different tasks each day, or to travel to a different job site, a time card app will make it possible for them to punch in with such details so that management will always know what they have been up to, and also to make sure they get paid exactly what they are owed.

Clocking For All Occupations

Some occupations or professions can be challenging to keep track of, such as drivers on the go and travelling salesmen. When such employees are always on the move, it can be very difficult for them to document their activities accurately. Fortunately, a web time clock presents on-the-go clocking methods, such as mobile applications with GPS tracking to enable such employees to clock accurately.

Access To Schedules

Employees will not only be able to keep track of their punch times and total hours worked via a web time clock, they will also be able to view their upcoming schedules, keep track of their PTO, and make absence and vacation request.

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