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5 Ways An Employee Schedule Maker App Boosts Productivity

5 ways an employee schedule maker app boosts productivity
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Productivity Enhancement App

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Poor employee scheduling can easily bring down even the most established business in the market today, and it is consequently a great concern for all business managers out there – learn the 5 ways a schedule maker app increases productivity at the workplace.

1. Promotes Team Building
2. Enhances Communication and Collaboration
3. Employees Share Schedules with Ease
4. Provides Smarter Planning for Emergencies
5. Save Time, Money & Labor Costs

If you are among the many business managers out there who can practically feel your blood pressure mounting due to ineffective rosters or timetables, it is about time you invested in a reputable shift scheduling software or a schedule maker app to make weekly scheduling easier and more effective.

So, how can a schedule maker app change your life at the workplace

Boosts Team Building

A good schedule maker app, such as Zip Schedules will enable you to list down each and every employee who is working in your department. This list can be composed of some or all of the following

a. Employee Names
b. Roles
c. Contact info
d. Skills
e. Certifications
f. Additional info

Armed with such a list, it will be easy for you to know who your team members are, and what roles they play in the business, and this will definitely make your life easier.

Promotes Collaborative Atmosphere

A quality schedule maker app will make it possible for your staff or employees to alert you of their availability or preferred shifts. Studies have shown that a collaborative atmosphere, which can be created by allowing employees to express their preferences, can encourage employees to give their best. This is because when you are already aware of your staff preferences, you will be in a good position to place them where they will be more comfortable and consequently more productive.

While it is true that your staff will be able to pick one or more preferred shifts through a scheduling application (which they will be able to download for free on their mobile phones and other devices), you should let them know that there are times when they will have to take shifts that they don’t prefer for the benefit of the business.

Allows Employees to Share Schedules

When your employees have to carry paper copies of their schedules, they risk misplacing or losing them altogether, and they might forget to show up at work or show up late. As we have already seen, with a Shift schedule maker app, your staff will be able to easily access the schedule or roster by downloading the free Zip Schedules app through their Smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops.

When your schedule is easily accessible to your employees, they can communicate with you and their co-workers as well. They can ask for changes, ask for time-offs, change availability, or swap schedules.

Smarter Planning For Emergencies

Emergencies usually creep in when you least expect it. It is therefore a good idea to always keep this in mind whenever you create a schedule. A work schedule maker will help you to make a schedule that includes an emergency schedule, also known as a plan B schedule. This way, instead of panicking when one or several of your employees can’t make it to work for one reason or another, all you have to do is consult your schedule maker app for plan B.

Save Time, Money & Labor Costs

The most obvious way online scheduling software will change your life is by saving you lots of time. When you are no longer spending the entire day figuring out where your employees should be at a particular time, you will have ample time to concentrate on other matters that are as important for business as an effective schedule.

In conclusion, a reputable weekly schedule maker or a scheduling app will not only make your life easier, it will also make the lives of your employees easier, and this will in turn promote high yields for the concerned business or company.

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