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5 Ways Of Employee Performance Evaluation

online employee performance tracking software
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Performance Tracking App

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Do you know that an online employee time clock, such as Zip Clock can make it easy for supervisors and managers to come up with employee performance reports?

An employee performance evaluation is an overview of the performance of an employee. Such evaluations, which are usually provided once a quarter or year by the employee’s direct supervisor, are very crucial for all businesses out there. Also, such reports or evaluations must be kept as accurate and complete as possible to ensure that the employees involved receive the entitlement and wages they truly deserve, and also to ensure that the company ‘s interests are not threatened by employee incompetence.

Online Employee Time Clock

Among the best features of Zip Clock time clock software is the capacity to store the attendance and time files of every employee that works for the company. This makes it very easy for the supervisor to produce more accurate evaluation reports when it comes to timekeeping.

An online time clock or an employee time tracking software is just on of the many methods supervisors can use to produce evaluation reports and it is always wise for all supervisors and managers to get acquainted with such methods to avoid taking advantage of employees or being taken advantage of by the employees.

Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV)

Just like truthful employee time tracking , recording employee behavior and activity with CCTV systems is also an effective method of evaluating employee performance. CCTV cameras can be placed wherever the supervisor or manager wishes. Such cameras should not only be used to monitor employee performance, but to prevent workplace theft and to promote safety as well.

Online Activity

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Examining employee online activity is another employee performance assessment strategy that will work well when used together with another means such as an online employee time clock or an online punch clock. Employees who spend company time socializing and entertaining themselves online will easily be identified and dealt with according to company policy.

Voice Mail and Email

Checking employee voicemails and emails is also another way to examine employee performance. In most cases, employers have the right to check employee messages, especially when the employee in question appears to have an obvious change in attitude and behavior. However, it is wise to avoid using this strategy unless it is really necessary because it often makes employees feel like their privacy is being invaded.

Car Trackers

Car trackers can be installed in company vehicles to allow supervisors and managers to keep track of employees. Just like the Zip Clock online employee time clock which uses geo-positioning technology to monitor where remote workers clock in and out, car trackers will clearly indicate where the company cars are at all times.

For more tips on how to evaluate employee performance, look out for more articles from this site, but as a rule, all information gathered through the above methods should strictly be used for evaluating performance. It is also wise to let employees know that they are being monitored to avoid spoiling employee – employer relationship.

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