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Food & Beverage Ordering System | 3 Reasons to Implement a Modern Tool

food beverage ordering system 3 reasons to implement a modern tool
Caroline Sams

By Caroline Sams

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It's unfortunate, but chances are your current method of food and beverage (F&B to keep it easy) ordering is a bit of a mess; this isn't your fault, of course. Sometimes the F&B ordering system just can't keep up with the demands of a modern restaurant, however, upgrading your ordering methods can help to simplify and expedite your business.

In this article, we're going to present three reasons that you should invest in upgrading your F&B ordering system. The fact remains that, by not making this upgrade, you are truly hurting the efficiency of your business, and that is not something that can be allowed to continue if there is another option in place. Without further ado, let's get into the three reasons to upgrade your F&B ordering system!

Manage Productivity With an F&B Ordering System

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Whether you look at the issue from the perspective of the employees, whose entire ability to do their job hinges on an effective and efficient F&B ordering system, or from the perspective of administrators, whose job it is to do this ordering effectively, the point remains that failure to be effective and productive in ordering impacts the entire restaurant.

In specific relation to productivity, faulty ordering of any kind means that the chefs and other kitchen workers will not have all of the ingredients they need, when they need them, which can spell disaster no matter which night of the week it happens to be (though, of course, this happening on a busy weekend is the worst-case scenario). If the kitchen can't do their job, then the entire function of the restaurant falls to the wayside, and that's F&B ordering system doom, no matter how you look at it.

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Avoid Incorrect Orders With Advanced Ordering Software

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Another major point of contention that can result from an older F&B ordering system is the processing of orders incorrectly. Now, we probably don't need to spend too much time discussing the serious negative consequences that can be associated with this kind of system failure, but it might be worth it to discuss some potential outcomes.

For example, say you order a case of eggs. However, because your system is developing a bit of technological glitch, it confused your desire for eggs with a case of liquid egg whites. You crack open the box when the shipment arrives, and voila! The incorrect item has been delivered to you. It isn't your fault, nor is it the supplier's. As such, there is little that can be done except hope the supplier will accept the exchange or, at the very least, put a rush on getting you the right eggs.

Keep Records Easily With Technologic Capabilities

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Almost all modern F&B ordering tools, like Zip Ordering, come equipped with an internal database to keep track of orders placed in previous ordering cycles. This feature is endlessly beneficial, as it provides not only a paper trail for future reference but also provides records when it comes to tax time. Since every order you place is considered to be a business expenditure, this is a pretty useful thing to have access to. Most older systems, by contrast, did not have such recordkeeping, and if they did, it was rudimentary at best.

That about does it for our look at the three big reasons that you need to consider upgrading your F&B ordering system. We hope you've found in these points the motivation to make this upgrade in your restaurant, such that you can become more productive and more organized as quickly as possible.

If you're interested in learning even more about inventory technology that small businesses can use to make some serious progress, look no further than this post we've written on the subject, How to Choose the Best Inventory Control Software for Small Businesses which is also on the Hubworks Blog!

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