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Free Employee of the Month Certificate for Small Business Managers

free employee of the month certificate for small business managers
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Employee of the Month

The employee of the month, who is habitually selected by management, is a recognition that is awarded to an employee for his or her outstanding contribution to a company or organization. This recognition usually comes with a gift, thank you note, or an employee of the month certificate.

If you are looking for an inexpensive strategy to motivate your employees, consider presenting them with an employee of the month certificate. While this strategy might not seem like much, you'd be surprised just how much impact it can make to an employee who has been feeling like no one has been paying attention to his or her efforts.

Download and print this editable employee of the month template for this month's hardest worker!

The employee of the month can be described as an employee who generally goes beyond the expectations of his or her job. He or she always arrives on time and works his or her entire shift. This kind of employee also doesn't have a problem staying late whenever necessary to complete a task.

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Simply completing assigned tasks is not enough to deserve the employee of the month certificate or any other award or gift that accompanies such recognition. Some of the characteristics that employees look for when choosing the employee of the month include the following -

1. Being able to find better, more efficient ways to complete tasks
2. Volunteering to handle tasks that no other employee is willing to handle
3. Anticipating challenges before they actually occur and taking necessary steps to avoid them

Handling an unexpected situation efficiently

In some occurrences, being awarded the employee of the month certificate is a result of a particular action, such as handling an unexpected situation efficiently. However, there are organizations that have detailed, tangible criteria for employee of the month recognition, such as landing the biggest number of clients or making the highest sales. The criteria may change from month to month, as the organization works towards achieving its goals. For example, January's award or recognition may go to the employee who has managed to sell the most of product A, while February's award goes to whoever who sold the most of product B.

Some organizations consider consistency when awarding the recognition. For example, an employee who always has a smile for customers or is known to welcome clients warmly may bag the award easily if he or she works for such an organization. Demonstrating a positive trait consistently, working towards company goals, and putting personal interest aside can earn employee this kind of recognition. Sometimes, simply displaying commitment and perseverance in the face of obstacles can also lead to an employee being awarded the employee of the month certificate.

The Importance of Employee Recognition

Everyone loves being recognized for their hard work, regardless of whether they are employees or employers. An employee of the month recognition program, such as the employee of the month certificate, can boost employee morale and productivity, and it can also create a positive environment in the workplace. Research also shows that employee recognition improves customer satisfaction and employee turnover. The cynicism and demoralization of a workforce can lead to high employee turnover rate, decreased efficiency and reduced profits.

Managers and employers alike should always be mindful of the advantages of recognizing their employees, which include the following -

1. Production - While it's true that it is the management that controls the direction of a business, it is the employees that determine or control the rate of production. If employees are always clocking in late and clocking out early, working slowly, and extending their breaks, this will definitely affect productivity. Employees who are always recognized and appreciated for their hard work, paid fairly, and offered benefits that boost their morale are very likely to engage in practices that progress their productivity.

2. Work Environment - When a work environment is populated by happy employees, the environment will be a happier and more interesting place to be, not only for employees, but for clients as well. Employees will always feel positive about coming to work, and clients too will feel good about dealing with a positive-minded team

3. Patience - Because a recognized workforce also happens to be a motivated and satisfied team, they are more likely to be patient with new policies and other major changes in the work place. In addition to exercising patience, such employees are more apt to suggest ways make transitions smoother than discontented employees. Additionally, motivated employees tend to work together as a team to adapt to changes as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

4. Retention - Hiring and training new hires is often an expensive process for most businesses. A business that is able to retain its employees and minimize turnover decreases that expense and consequently increases its profits. The best way to achieve this is to cultivate a corporate culture that recognizes and appreciates employees. A business develops its reputation; it can either be a good place to work, or a bad place to work. If it manages to gain a reputation as a good place to work, it will always have a constant stream of employee willing to work for them. In the same way, presently employed employees will be cautious to leave. These factors will help businesses to develop a culture that is not only productive, but stable as well.

5. Hiring - Finding a dependable workforce is a challenge many businesses go through. Nurturing employee recognition and motivation encourages employees to share positive experiences with friends and other acquaintances. This in turn motivates a higher quality of individuals to send in their resumes, and eventually, managers accumulate a good number of resumes and references to refer to whenever they need to hire more employees. The more the resumes, the higher the chances of hiring competent employees. Hiring the right persons the first time saves a great deal of trouble and expense.

All in all, employee recognition incentives, such as the employee of the month certificate, will make everything easier for both the employees and the employers, making it possible for them to achieve their organizational goals faster.

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