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Online Time Tracking Software

free employee online time tracking software apps
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Employee Time and Attendance

Manage your Employee time and attendance effectively with an online tracking system that's efficient and fast!

To make employee time tracking easier, you may want to consider doing away with the manual and outdated process of employee time and attendance with a software solution. Effective time keeping software like Zip Clock will not only help you keep track of your employee working hours, but will also offer the flexibility to handle the unique needs of your business.

Online Time Tracking Software- Prevent Employee Time Theft with an Online Time Tool for Employees

Employee Zip Clock timekeeping software for employees and bid farewell to lengthy spreadsheets, attendance log, punch timecards and not to mention, precious hours that are wasted on making adjustments manually in your sheets.

Automated attendance software and apps such as Zip Clock's time tracking app help you prevent serious errors in calculations by facilitating you to calculate the number of hours worked; it will also help you to eliminate employee theft and keep your labor cost in control.

Let's have a look at some of the most exciting features of this incredible time tracking app and how your restaurant business can benefit from these features.

Clock Settings

Set Up your Organization Preferences Using Different features of the time tracking app!

Clock settings allow you to setup your organization preferences related to different features of the clock. All you have to do is enter data requirements in text boxes and switch toggles between yes or no to set up your organizational preferences.

Managing Employees

Workforce management made easy!
There is a summary table in the employee section that shows information about all employees working in your organization. The information shown on the summary table includes their personal details like their full name, their contact details like their address, phone number and their email address.

You'll be able to see the ‘add ‘button in the top right corner of this section. To add new employees to your employee list, follow these steps;
You can also add employees by clicking the ‘add' button displayed in the top right corner of the page.

Follow these simple steps to add employees-
Step 1- In the first step, click the ‘add' button.
Step 2- In the next step, you'll be asked to enter the employee's first and last name (these are required fields).
a. Enter the employee's email address so that the employee can have access to their Zip Schedules
b. All other general information fields are optional.
Step 3- Once you have entered all this information, you'll be asked to select the employee type from the drop down menu. You'll see a number of options like crew, manager and supervisor.
Step 4 – Next, you'll be asked to assign positions to the employee. By using the positions tab, you can assign positions to employees.
Step 5 – Once you've assigned employee's positions from the dropdown, you'll be asked to assign skill level ratings for the employee (at each position).
Step 6 – The certifications tab can be used to add respective certifications to your employees.
Step 7 – An employee can be shared with multiple sites in the organization. To assign the sites to which your employee works, use the ‘sites' tab.
a. The current site will automatically be assigned to the employee.
b. To add additional sites to employee, click the sites drop down.
Step 8- Additionally, if you want to add notes to the employee record, click the ‘notes' tab.
Step 9 – Once you're done with all these steps, click ‘add' and the employee will be added.

Using the Clock Dashboard

It's all on the dashboard!

The Time Clock Dashboard allows managers to monitor employee shift details and their compliance to labor laws and regulations.

So if you're looking for a time tracking software that allows you to track employee attendance and time, look no further. Get started with our free trial today and benefit from our incredible time tracking app.
Happy tracking!

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