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Free Online Time Clock Calculator – The Importance of Employee Breaks

free online employee time clock calculator
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Online Employee Time Clock Calculator

Have you been looking for ways to boost your company's productivity? Then its time you encouraged your workers to take regular breaks, and a free online time clock calculator will help you to do just that.

According to research, 85% of employees worldwide believe that they would be more productive were they allowed to take regular breaks at work. The reality, however, is that more than a ΒΌ of these workers are not allowed any breaks at work, other than short lunch breaks.

Other studies show that most workers have their lunchtime meals at their desks everyday, while others never take any lunch breaks at all. This, according to experts is very dangerous for any company. In this article, we are going to discuss the importance of employee breaks, and how a free online time clock calculator application or any time clock software out there like Zip Clock can be of help.

The Importance of Employee Breaks

Boost the Productivity with Time Clock Calculator
Psychologists believe that the brain's productivity lessens with continuous pressure, and that even a few minutes of rest will refresh it enough to boost performance. When the brains of your employees are refreshed regularly, you can expect them to complete their assignments with fewer or no errors at all. In short, allowing your employees to take a few breaks from their desks will result in a win-win situation for everyone involved in the business, including the clients.

Introducing time clock software or even a free online time clock calculator to the company will not only help with accurate time tracking software and attendance tracking software , but it will also send automated alerts to the employees reminding them to take their breaks.

Reduce the Stress Levels with Time Clock Calculator
The brain's productivity will not only lessen with data and activity overload, it will also become stressed, and this will eventually lead to a wide range of health problems. And this is especially true for employees who never or rarely take lunch breaks. Missing meals, such as lunch will also cause most employees to lose the enthusiasm to work.

In addition to losing interest in work, a stressed employee will also display signs of irritability, hopelessness, and other negative behaviors at work. To deal with stress at the workplace, employees and employers as well are advised to take regular breaks away from work. Such breaks can be used to eat healthy snacks, meditate, socialize, stroll, or to simply take a quick siesta. Employees with higher levels of stress may be allowed to take a few days off so as to regain mental wholeness one again.

Also, staring at a laptop or computer for long periods of time often leads to eyestrain and this gradually affects the productivity of an employee. Back pain is also another health issue that occurs as a result of sitting for long periods at work. Such conditions can easily be avoided by taking regular breaks.

Besides, employee breaks are mandatory, according to the labors laws. Time clock software , even when it happens to be a simple free online time clock calculator will make it easy for employers to adhere to such laws by to ensuring that their employees take their breaks without failure. For more information on how employee breaks can benefit your business, check here for our regular updates.

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