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Free Online Time Tracking Software

free online time card tracking software
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Online Time Card Tracking Software

Organizations operating in today's competitive business arena are looking for any break as far as cost cutting is concerned. When scanning through different aspects of their business, they often end up neglecting one simple area where they can save thousands – employee attendance and time tracking.

Tracking employee attendance and time is one of the most basic functions of any business that is often either inefficiently managed or taken advantage of by employees. By deploying free online time clock software like Zip Clock, you'll not only be able to manage employee time and attendance but will also help you cut costs and boost your profits in the long run.

Timecard Software- Why Employee Attendance and Time Tracking is Important for your Business?

Because time and tide wait for none!

For most organizations, management of human capital and payroll management accounts for as much as 50% of their overall costs. With major cutbacks across a wide array of industries, organizations today are confronted with tough choices to remain productive, profitable and efficient.

While a number or organizations have been forced to cut workforce management costs by resorting to layoffs, others are striving hard to increase their profits, overall productivity, and accountability, to earn a greater return on their investment.

Compared to manual methods of employee time tracking , automated time keeping systems are error-free, efficient, easy to install, user friendly and highly accurate.

Zip Clock for Tracking Employee Time and Attendance

Employee online time tracking made easy!

Zip Clock can provide your organization with cutting edge technology tracking employee time and attendance efficiently. The cloud based software is easy to install and can eliminate buddy punching, employee time theft, overpayment, and much>
Let's have an in-depth look at what this incredible software can do for your business.

Tracking Employee Working Time Online

With Zip Clock time tracking system , managers can instantly track employee time and attendance online without putting in great deal of effort. Using the Clock Dashboard, employees can see their current shift details and their compliance to associated labor laws.

Access and Availability of Data in Real Time

Zip Clock timecard software allows you to track and access and review employee timesheets from just about anywhere with their smartphones or any other mobile device. This means your data is always available to you in real time.

Efficient Shift Management and Planning

Using the shift management section, managers can easily manage employee shits. You can check if an employee needs to clock out or take a break and make suggestions in the form of a notification by clicking ‘suggest break' or ‘suggest clock out'. Additionally, if you have a missing employee and need a replacement, you can view details of all your employees that are not on the clock.

Valuable Business Insight with Reports

The reports section of the time tracking system includes the employee performance and punch management report. Through employee performance report, managers can observe employee performance with respect to different labor law violations, whereas, punch management reports allow managers to see employee punches, violations and pay.

Don't wait any longer. Get your free trial today and take your employee time and attendance system to the next level!

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