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5 Reasons Why You'll Love Easy Free Time Clock Software

free time clock software
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Time Clock Software

Your restaurant, just like any restaurant out there, needs time clock software, even if it happens to be free time clock software, to help you manage your staff in a better and more effective way. There are many reasons why restaurant managers love free time clock software , for example, such clocks eradicate time theft and they also provide alerts whenever employees arrive late or leave early.

But what restaurant owners and managers love best about free time clock software, especially when it happens to be cloud-based, is its money and time saving capabilities. Restaurant owners are often forced to pay time and a half or even double to cover a tardy or absent employee's shift. This can eventually have a dramatic effect on the budget of any business, not to mention the time wasted trying to get an appropriate replacement and to edit a schedule. Utilizing a premium restaurant jobclock app , or free time clock software if you like, will reduce or eliminate schedule rewriting and the need for overtime.

Here are more reasons why you'll love free time clock software -

Free time clock software is easy to install

The process of setting up free time clock software, or any other type of restaurant jobclock app, is very easy since it does not require much training. It also loads into the computer system really fast, meaning that it can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Free time clock software is easy to use

This kind of software is also user-friendly and it even makes it possible for managers to take their attendance systems with them wherever they wish. This is a very important benefit in this day and age where businesses are becoming mobile at an alarming rate. A restaurant jobclock app, also known as time clock software , also monitors all entry and exit points automatically, leaving managers and supervisors free to conduct other activities without worrying if employees have reported to work or not.

Free time clock software is secure

Moving your time and attendance system to the cloud through a restaurant jobclock app is extremely safe and secure. Without free time clock software, it would be easy for anybody to access the manager's office and find employee time cards, employee information and other sensitive data that can either be used against the company or its employees.

Free time clock software makes time theft virtually impossible

A traditional time and attendance system can be fooled in many ways; for example, an employee who plans to arrive late can have his or her friend clock him/her in. In the very same way, an employee can leave early but have a fellow employee clock him/her out at the appropriate time. This kind of theft can easily be prevented with a modern restaurant jobclock app. The manager or supervisor also gets to receive a notification whenever an employee fails to clock in or out for his or her shift.

Free time clock software boosts productivity

When scheduling is flowing as smoothly and as accurately as possible, a restaurant's productivity increases. With time clock software, employees will always be where they belong, doing what you hired them to do, and most of all, with little or no monitoring on your part. This will improve employee morale and contentment as your staff members will feel trusted and appreciated enough to give their all.

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