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3 Tips on How to Deal With an Ever Absent Employee

free time tracking app for ever absent employee
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Time Tracking App for Ever Absent Employee

An employee who is constantly absent can be a costly liability for any business out there, especially when the business happens to be a small one. Allowing such an employee to get away with this kind of behavior might prompt other employees to try the same in the belief that they will also get away with it, and this will in turn create more losses for the business.
The following are some very effective tips on how to deal with a frequently absent employee-

Talk To the Employee

Have a serious talk with the employee and try to find out the reasons behind his frequent absences. Also, make him understand how his regular absences affect the day to day activities of the workplace. Make him see how unfair this kind of behavior is because it is his fellow workers, who end up taking on the extra workload whenever he is not around without extra pay.

In addition to that, make him realize how his behavior can cause interpersonal conflicts within the workforce. Show him his attendance records and allow him to compare them with the records of your best employees to make him understand how poor his attendance has been all along.

With time tracking software, it will be very easy to record every absence in the company over a long period of time. It is therefore advisable for a business to invest in one, even if it happens to be free time tracking software that is widely available today.

Remind Him of the Company's Attendance Policy

If the employee continues to miss work even after having a serious talk with him, the next step should be to remind him of the company's attendance policy. Give him a copy of the policy and go through the company's expectations and disciplinary options together if you have to.

Also, help him understand what the policy states regarding paid and unpaid leave. Make it clear that it is expected of him to call in sick and to provide a note from his doctor whenever he misses work due to an illness. Next, make him sign the policy to signify that he has read and understood everything, even if he had already signed one when he was being hired.

If your company doesn't have an attendance policy yet, implement one as soon as possible, and make sure all the employees understand it clearly before making them each sign a copy. If you wish to see how timekeeping software works, try a free time tracking app first and you will see how easy attendance monitoring can get.

Take Disciplinary Action

If the employee doesn't bother to improve attendance even after taking him through the attendance policy, it could be that he is no longer interested in his job and issuing him with a written warning should be the next course of action, after which termination becomes inevitable if he still goes ahead to miss work without valid reasons.

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