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Free Work Schedule Template – Scheduling Tips

free work schedule template scheduling tips
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Work Schedule Template

Looking for a free template to create your work schedule?

A free work schedule template and the art or skill of employee scheduling are two things a manager should never lack. A free staffing template will save precious time, while great managing skills will enable the manager to handle even the toughest and most challenging scheduling dilemma in the business.

If, for instance, a manager finds it difficult to handle an abandoned shift, either approved or unapproved, it will definitely lead to lost revenue, and in the worst case scenario, lost business.

Another scenario that will lead to losses is when the manager lacks the skills to team up strong employees with the weaker or less talented ones. This is a strategy that a competent manager will always use so as to create a stronger team of employees, and a free work schedule template will help him or her do this easily.

Know when to Discipline Employees

In addition, a manager who doesn’t know when and how to deal with employees who are always taking time off without prior notice and without respecting other team players will eventually drive the company on its knees. Such employees need to be appraised closely and dealt with appropriately.

Unfortunately, some business managers and owners often ignore workers who never appear to take their jobs seriously in a bid to appear friendly, and this eventually leads to the downfall of the business. With a free work schedule template, it will be easy to identify every time such employees arrogantly miss a shift. This way, you can issue disciplinary measures before it’s too late.

Scheduling Tips Every Manager Should Know

Below are a few scheduling tips every manager should consider implementing

a- Divide your employees into 2 groups, the weaker ones and the strong ones.
b- Find out what makes each employee weak or strong, is it talent, skill, experience, or a disability?
c- When creating a schedule, balance the equation with employees from each group.
d- Use the same strategy to create schedules for every department in the business.
e- Develop a fair policy for vacations, sick days, and vacations.
f- Develop a fair policy for disciplinary actions too.
g- Whenever an employee abuses his or her shifts without a valid reason, remove them from the work schedule for a few days. This will affect him/her financially, and he/she will start valuing the job.
h- Make sure you record and preserve non-authorized absenteeism. This might come in handy should the employee(s) accuse you of violating their rights. A free work schedule template or a template for scheduling should help you to record such cases clearly.
i- Ask your employees to make their availability known early enough so that you can create a schedule based on their availability. This will help in avoiding scheduling disputes.
j- Use reputable scheduling software like Zip Schedules to make scheduling easy, fast and manageable.

To download a free staffing template or a free planner template, Click HERE

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