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Group Task Management with Zip Checklist’s Task Management System

group task management with zip checklist task management system
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

How Zip Checklist Can Ensure Your Group’s Performance

Are paper checklists leaving your team inefficient? Are you struggling to manage, bogged down by ancient procedures? With Zip Checklist’s task management system, you can assign tasks and track their progress with ease on any device.

Managing a group of people for anything is tough, especially when you are working alongside them. The Zip Checklist app is specifically designed to be ideal for group task management, as it provides both tools and continuous statistics on task completion and group member contributions.

Take Control of your Tasks

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The most fundamental part of any task management system is assigning tasks. With Zip Checklist, this process is a cinch and provides additional functionality. You can assign tasks to an individual group member. This makes sure that each member understands what they are expected to complete and there are no problems of miscommunication of who is handling key components. If a group member seems to be ignoring an important task, simply mark the task as a priority to communicate that it is imperative.

The Zip Checklist app also allows your team members to work remotely. From any device, they will be able to access their task list and begin working. If they need to communicate with you because they have questions or need clarification on a specific task, there is a comments section through which you can address their problems quickly and get everyone on the same page. An informed group is a productive group.

Sometimes the task description isn’t sufficient information for your group members to complete their tasks, they may also need files or images. By using the Zip Checklist app as your task management system, you can upload files and make them widely available. This is helpful for files such as descriptions of projects everyone is working on or general policies or agreements. But, occasionally, there are documents a single group member would need for a particular task. These sorts of files can be attached directly to the task on their checklist. Your group members don’t need to spend time hunting through their email or Skype to find a file a week after you sent it to them, as it is right there when they are working on the task.

Not every task is unique, and some group members will have continuous tasks, such as checking in daily with you or a client, checking the printer to see if it needs to be refilled, or even weekly or monthly performance reviews. It would be unnecessarily arduous to ask them directly or assign the task to them every single time. Instead, the process can be done automatically, only requiring the task be assigned once and marked to recur. With this, you can focus on other responsibilities instead of the management of continuous assignments. Here are a couple of task management tips.

If there is a problem in your group, you need to be available to fix it. If a key component of your work crashes or a group member has encountered contradictory information on their tasks, it is imperative that you be able to answer them and get things working again. You will, unfortunately, be in circumstances you are unable to answer phone calls, such as a meeting. Luckily, the Zip Checklist app enables you to respond to problems in the app without disrupting another event you need to be present for. When they do encounter problems with a task, though, a group member is likely to attempt to fix them on their own. If something doesn’t get handled properly because of this, you need to be aware of where the problem originated. Zip Checklist allows this to be documented by offering your group member a follow-up section – to succinctly brief you on the problem – and a corrective action section – to mark what steps they took to address the problem. This information is then saved to reference back to if the problem persists or their corrective action was the wrong choice.

Sometimes a task is crucial, and you must rely on a group member to complete it. Rather than waiting and worrying about it, you can set the app to notify you when the task is completed. Alternatively, you could simply set the app to alert you if the work was not completed. Zip Checklist’s task management system takes the responsibility of checking in off of your shoulders and ensures you are updated and up to date on crucial information.

Taking Control of your Team

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Part of the responsibility of group task management is dealing with team members that are not performing their necessary tasks. These group members can usually slip under the radar, but Zip Checklist will keep you updated so you can keep them responsible. The Zip Checklist app tracks each group member’s progress on their tasks and keeps you informed on your dashboard. If a member is incapable of keeping up with their responsibilities, you will soon find out and be able to talk to them about it. Direct communication on these matters is important and having the data from Zip Checklist to refer to can help keep the discussions constructive and respectful without the doubt, misinformation, or defensiveness.

The Zip Checklist task management system offers features crucial to effective management. You already own the necessary hardware, as it can be used on any smartphone, tablet, or computer by group members. It also instantly updates for all group members, allowing you to be sure you’re looking at the most up-to-date information for your group. The priority function allows you to communicate which tasks are critical and which can be put off for when there is time. Additionally, if your group includes members from other countries or use different primary languages, the Zip Checklist app is available in Chinese, French, Spanish, and English.

With a free monthly trial with no credit card information needed, it is easy to test Zip Checklist and make sure it is efficient for your team before you buy into it. When you decide to continue using it, it is easy to subscribe. With a monthly fee of $39 for basic or $69 for professional, Zip Checklist is much cheaper than competitors like Digital Redbook and Squaddle. Make the right choice for your team and implement Zip Checklist as your task management system.

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