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A Revolution in Healthcare Mobile Apps

healthcare apps for doctor offices and hospitals
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Healthcare Mobile Apps

When you think of healthcare mobile apps, what immediately jumps to mind?

If you thought of apps that are designed to help people stay healthy (via tracking steps or counting calories), then you're not alone. More people think of healthcare mobile apps as software designed to help at the individual level.

That means so many new advances are being made – but doctor's offices and hospitals often miss out on all this new healthcare technology meant for smartphones and tablets.

Well, consider those days a thing of the past – because new healthcare mobile apps are being designed for doctor's offices, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare companies. Best of all, these new apps are created to help manage the administrative workload that comes with running a healthcare business, so you can focus on the things that matter…

Like saving lives!

Why Healthcare Mobile Apps?

A better question would be, "Why not healthcare mobile apps?"

Here at Hubworks, our engineers and product developers are designed to dream big. When we noticed that lots of apps for businesses were being developed, we couldn't help but wonder - What about healthcare? Healthcare is one of the largest industries in the country – and with more Baby Boomers than ever in need of better healthcare, we decided to push better apps for healthcare.

That means developing mobile healthcare apps designed to help streamline employee schedules, track shifts, and create transparent to-do lists that everyone in the company has access to.

Want to see what we came up with?

Zip Schedules - Stop wasting time trying to come up with the perfect employee schedule. Zip Schedules automatically populates your employees' schedules based on labor law and employee requests. That means you can create the best kind of shift schedule where employees get the hours they want – and you can stay on top of labor laws.

Zip Clock - In a busy medical environment, it can be tough to track your employees' hours. That's why Zip Clock is one of the most exciting new healthcare mobile apps we've developed. This innovative app makes it possible for managers and shift supervisors to review the status schedule of all employees, reduce time theft, review audit trails of employee time punches, and collect payroll hours. You can even use the app to make shift changes, as well as contact alternative workers. Running a healthcare business doesn't get any easier than that!

Zip Checklist - Want to get more done – just by using your smartphone? Then you'll want to see our Zip Checklist app, which turns any to-do list into a piece of cake. Use the Zip Checklist app to get started on your tasks, understand legal compliance, accept or reject employee requests, and increase transparency within your business.

With so many innovations in our healthcare mobile apps, they have to be expensive – right?


Our healthcare mobile apps are incredibly affordable, because they're all FREE to download. That's right – free. No credit card required. Just download the app onto your smartphone, tablet, or desktop to enjoy the best healthcare mobile apps on the market.

Visit Hubworks today!

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