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Can Healthcare Apps Help You Run a Better Hospital?

healthcare apps for patients
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Healthcare Management Tools

Admit it, when you think of the tools and resources that can help improve your hospital's performance, your mind doesn't exactly jump to healthcare apps, does it?

After all, when you think of healthcare apps, you think of smartphone apps designed more for patients, not hospitals. You need advanced machinery and innovative technology to improve performance and lower readmissions rates – not healthcare apps that you can download right to your smartphone…

Why Healthcare Apps Matter More Than Ever

Actually, here at Hubworks, we think that healthcare apps are quickly becoming the next big thing. More hospitals are discovering that they don't need dinosaur technology or clunky computers to take care of their most pressing employee management needs.

Instead, they just need apps that can be downloaded at the push of a button.

At Hubworks, we're dedicated to creating professional healthcare apps that help solve your biggest employee tracking and time management problems. Whether you're a busy physician or a supervisor, there's an app for you on the Hubworks market.

Best of all, they're all 100% FREE to download. There's no credit card to sign up, and you can enjoy all the comprehensive features that come with our FREE healthcare apps.

Just what are some of these cool benefits? Take a look!

Easily Track Employee Schedules With the Push of a Button

Hospitals are incredibly busy, which means it can be difficult to track your employees' schedules. Unfortunately, this can leave your hospital open to some risks, including expensive time theft.

Fortunately, Hubworks makes it easy to track employee schedules with two healthcare apps - our Zip Clock and our Zip Schedules.

The Zip Clock is a unique app that allows you to view the schedule status of all your employees in one place, review an audit trail of your employee time, and measure and maximize employee performance. You can even access contact information for shift replacements, making this a great app for busy supervisors.

Looking for an app that will help you create employee schedules as quickly as possible? Then it's time to introduce yourself to Zip Schedules, the coolest employee scheduling app on the planet. With this healthcare app, you can quickly and easily create employee schedules, as well as get instant alerts when schedule breaches have been made.

It's one of the most effective tools for managing employee schedules – and you can do it all from your smartphone.

Discover Better Healthcare Apps at

In addition to these two FREE healthcare apps, Hubworks specializes in business apps, time management apps, and a host of other innovative applications. No matter what kind of app you're looking for, you're bound to find it at Hubworks.

Best of all, you don't need a credit card to start downloading the most powerful healthcare apps on the planet. Just visit Hubworks and discover the latest smartphone apps that will help improve your hospital's performance.

Discover the power of the best healthcare apps. Discover the power of

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