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Hotel Apps for Managers and Staff

apps for manager and staff
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Hotel Management Software

Large hotel chains are now turning to technology to help them better manage their hotels. Historically, the hotel industry relied on traditional methods for managing their organizations, hesitant to entrust technology with the operations side of their business. Many hoteliers thought their systems were too complex to ever be properly managed with hotel apps. And yet, today, they are changing their minds, especially as they see how hotel apps can transform the way they manage their hotel. From broad applications to simpler daily functions, hotel apps and software can change the way hotels operate.

When we initially think of technology and hotels, we think about booking and reservations. However, technology can do so much for the internal operations of the hotel, in turn improving guest satisfaction. Today’s upcoming leaders in the hospitality industry receive training in working with hotel management software, and it’s crucial for everyone in the chain to get on board.

Technology – Meeting the Challenges of Running a Hotel

1. Staff Roles and Scheduling

One of the primary concerns for hotel managers is defining roles of staff members, and properly scheduling the team. With Hubworks, we help them iron out the creases with our unique app market, with products like Zip Schedules and Zip Clock. Hotel apps can accelerate your business by empowering you and your staff to better operate your organization.

2. Zip Schedules

With Zip Schedules, you can create, modify, and publish a schedule in minutes. From the Zip Schedules tool, you can see time off or shift change request, and choose to approve or deny them, in real time. Your employees will now immediately know your decision without any interruption to your daily work flow. Zip Schedules intuitive forecasting helps you plan for busier days, taking sales data to make accurate predictions for the future. For example, upon gathering last year’s sales data, Zip Schedules may notice that the week before Christmas is an especially busy time for your hotel, and alert you of the need for some extra staff members. With remote access from any mobile device you can stay in the know, even when you’re not on-site, with Apple and Android compatible mobile apps.

3. Zip Clock

Zip Clock keeps things running smoothly with easy-to-use online time clocks. Honesty and accountability improve with Zip Clock, and time theft is reduced. With Zip Clock, employees can clock in and out via their mobile device, which is also aware of where they are when they clock in. Meaning, they can’t ask a buddy to punch in for them if they’re running late. With Zip Clock, you’ll be alerted if employees are approaching overtime, or are at risk for violating labor laws. Hotel management apps from Hubworks, such as Zip Schedules and Zip Clock, prove to be an asset to hotel operators, owners, and managers. Saving money and valuable time, Zip Schedules and Zip Clock are easy-to-use, and time-starved managers can get the applications up and running in under 15 minutes. Morale is boosted with greater communication and accountability, and everyone is in the know.

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