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How a Great Work Time Clock Can Save Your Business | Zip Clock

how a great work clock can save your business zip clock
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Learn why the right work clock is more than just a time tracker

Your work time clock is more than just a way to track your employees' time at work and making sure they get paid the right amount. The right work clock can increase productivity, employee happiness, and save your company money.

Why the Work Time Clock is Under-appreciated

The employee work time clock doesn't seem like much of a boon to most managers. It just hangs on the wall (or sits in an app) doing nothing for most of the day, right? After all, the only time it does anything important is when employees must clock in or out. Or does it?

Believe it or not, your employee work time clock has a much more important job than merely tracking when employees are on the job. Below, we discuss the ways your time tracking solution will affect your business, and how to harness its abilities to maximize productivity, profits, and your reputation.

The Right Work Time Clock Can Mean Big Profits

The main focus of a work time clock is to track employee time—that's a given. But with the current advances in technology, your time tracking system should be able to do so much more for your company. Getting on board with modern time tracking software now will put your business ahead of the curve, improve your profits, and increase employee happiness. Here's how-

Accurate Tracking

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The most important aspect of any work clock is accurate tracking. Some of this responsibility falls on employees, of course, but the right time tracking system will help guide employees in doing their part correctly and on time. Old methods included manual sign-ins that required employees to write their times down. Some methods used a machine hanging on the wall that stamped or punched a time card. Those old methods allowed for too many variables and too many mistakes—or intentional misinformation. Estimated time in and out, forgetting to clock in or out, and buddy punching are just a few ways the old methods cost businesses a lot of money. In contrast, modern work clocks are now completely digital, and they eradicate those common issues above. Total accuracy, impeccable logs, and help for employees to stay on task and on time.

Avoiding Miscommunication

Another big problem with old time tracking methods was the amount of miscommunication. Whether it's a poorly written time sheet or the clunky old work clock stamped incorrectly, it all boils down to lost profits and wasted time. Either the mistakes went unnoticed until the costs snowballed out of control, or the company wasted precious time and manpower to fix the issues—it all still added up to extra costs that could have been avoided with better communication. Modern digital work clock software gives better visibility, easier controls, and better communication. The best work clock apps will also gamify the login and logout process—meaning, it's more fun, intuitive, and engaging for employees, which encourages better habits.

Preemptive Alerts Prevent Fines and Added Costs

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Can an old-style, cumbersome time tracking system that relies on paper and ink warn you of labor rule breaches or unintentional overtime? Yeah, we didn't think so. If you haven't switched to a fully digital work clock system to track employee hours, you're leaving your business wide open for labor rule breaches, unintentional overtime, and all the fines and costs that go along with those issues. The best modern employee time tracking solutions will send you and your employees' preemptive alerts to prevent labor rule breaches, overtime issues, and even reminders for mandatory breaks. The savings in fines alone makes the switch worth it.

Using Modern Flexibility to Cover All Your Bases

Instead of being stuck with a single time clock that everyone has to use in one location, modern mobile time tracking solutions provide flexibility, which is especially useful for fast-paced food service businesses and retail stores. When the old work clock broke down, that was it. Everything went into a spiral of stress and doom, making everyone revert back to the even older method of time tracking by hand. Hello, more mistakes! With a mobile work clock app, such as Zip Clock, you have access to multiple avenues for employees to clock in or out. That can be a tablet, web browser, any mobile device, or a Zip Clock Time Clock device that uses fingerprint technology. With this system, even if one breaks down, you have a lot more options, so nobody is left with handwritten notes or the mistakes that come with it.

Expand Your Work Clock Capabilities with Sister Apps

Beyond the usefulness of a modern mobile work clock, you also have the option of adding more apps to your system to make it truly yours. Choosing a work timer application that also works well with other apps means you can easily and seamlessly add new functionality to further increase productivity tailored to your needs. Zip Clock comes ready to pair with one or more apps from the app market to add things like inventory control, food safety, and even daily checklists for employees. There's more, too, but we have other articles that dive deeper into those points. For now, just know that a good work clock solution should help bridge the gap between all aspects of your business, not leave your time clock isolated on its own little island. Find apps that work together and see your profits increase.

It's More Than Just a Time Tracker

Getting your hands on a modern mobile work clock means more than just tracking employee time through mobile apps. You save time, money, and your reputation by harnessing the power of mobile solutions and cloud-based storage. Real-time updates and alerts save your business money by helping you avoid fines, and gamification keeps employees engaged and happy. We have some other great articles on productivity apps and how to use them to improve business, if you'd like to read more on this exciting technological advancement.

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