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How Important Is A Schedule Generator?

how important is a schedule generator
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Schedule Generator – Finding the Right Staffing Balance

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Staffing requires a certain skill, especially when it comes to a restaurant where the number one goal usually is customer satisfaction. Before creating an weekly employee schedule, the first thing a restaurant owner or manager needs to consider is the skill set of employees. The second thing that needs to be considered carefully is labor cost control. Labor cost control does not translate to understaffing to save money; it simply means finding the right staffing balance for your business.

Understaffing often leads to employee burnout, which will eventually bring the business down, while overstaffing often leads to diminishing profits. Finding the right staffing balance can be a hectic affair, especially when manual or hand-written employee scheduling methods are being used. However, with a schedule generator app, all it takes are a few experimental schedules to find the right staffing balance.

Creating an experimental weekly schedule for your employees manually will take 8-10 hours. On the other hand, creating an experimental weekly schedule with a schedule generator app will only take less than 10 minutes. Seven days are enough to determine the right staffing balance for any restaurant or business organization. This means that with a schedule builder, it will only take 10 minutes to find the right balance for your restaurant.

Schedule Generator – Quick Schedule Modifications

As a restaurant manger or owner who is accustomed to typical operations, it would be impossible to expect your schedule to remain perfect once it comes into the hands of your employees. Some of them will not be comfortable with the shifts assigned to them for one reason or another. Some may fall sick or be forced to attend to personal issues and will therefore be unable to commit to your schedule. This means that if your schedule was on a weekly timetable, you can expect to carry out schedule modifications a few times during the week. With a weekly schedule generator, you don’t need to panic when an employee requests a shift swap, all you need to do is to refer to your Zip Schedules app and identify a quick replacement.

Also, a schedule generator app will send any modifications to your employees through their phones as soon as you carry out a modification. This means that any employee who will not be in a position to honor his or her shift will be in a position to notify you immediately so you can find a replacement ASAP.

Schedule Generator – Creating a Workable Schedule

With a schedule generator app, you will be able to log some important facts about your employees so that you can create a great weekly schedule. Some of these facts include employee availability, talents and skills. When you already know the part that suits each employee, you will be able to create a workable schedule without pondering much. Also, when you already know the availability of your staff, schedule modifications will no longer be a big problem unless they involve emergencies.

All in all, your business will benefit from a schedule generator in many others ways but the bottom line is that a good app will be quite effective in maintaining your labor cost and your schedule as well.

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