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How To Avoid Overtime Violations with Restaurant Software

how to avoid overtime violations with restaurant software
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Avoid Overtime Violations

According to recent studies, restaurants are among the top violators when it comes to employee overtime. Such violations, which include paying below the minimum wage and failure to pay overtime, are not only expensive and time-consuming; they can also cause irreparable damage to a restaurant's reputation. And the new overtime rules proposed recently, which are expected to make a huge impact on the operating costs of restaurants, are not helping matters at all.

With these proposed rules, which would double the threshold for overtime eligibility, restaurant owners and managers are more keen on adhering to overtime rules by updating their methods and investing only in the best restaurant software in the market today.

If you are wondering what time and attendance restaurant software has got to do with adhering to overtime rules, restaurant software, when used appropriately, can actually help you to avoid overtime violations through several ways as we are about to see.

Eradicating overtime

Time and attendance software for restaurants can be used to eradicate overtime by automatically clocking out employees as soon as their shifts have ended, and preventing them from clocking in early. When overtime ceases to exist, overtime violations cease to exist too.

Controlling overtime

There are times when overtime cannot be avoided. In such circumstances, restaurant software will accurately record overtime hours and make it easy for you to pay overtime as mandated by the law. Relying on employees to keep track of their hours manually, including overtime, will leave you in the dark because there is no sure way for you to find out whether their time sheets are accurate or not. On the other hand, time and attendance software is always accurate. In addition to this, time tracking software will let you know when overtime is getting out of hand and how much it is costing you in real time.

Helping Restaurants to Avoid Overtime Violations

In addition to helping restaurants to avoid overtime violations, there is much more to expect from restaurant software, such as the following -

1. Accountability – when employees know that they are being paid for the exact number of hours worked, they tend to be more accountable and responsible.

2. Insight – high quality restaurant software provides a high level of transparency that both employers and employees can enjoy. With this kind of software, it will be possible to see how much time is being spent on each task, and just how productive employees are.

There is much more you can expect from quality restaurant software, but all in all, you can expect to prevent or control overtime and have employees work more efficiently once you have implemented it.

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