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How to Be a Better Manager - Easy Ideas for Inexpensive Employee Gifts

how to be a better manager easy ideas for inexpensive employee gifts
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Idea of appreciating employees

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There are various factors that motivate a labor force and employee gifts are definitely among them. When thought out carefully, employee gifts can encourage your entire workforce to go above and beyond.

While the idea of appreciating employees beyond their salaries and benefit packages may seem obvious, some business owners and managers avoid the habit, possibly because they believe that appreciating their juniors will undermine their authority. Others stay away from the practice because they fear awakening jealousy in other team members, while others don't have the time to think about appropriate gifts.

What these business owners and managers don't know is that recognizing and rewarding a workforce is a common trait among successful business managers and by refraining from gifting their employees occasionally, they are actually dropping their own performance.

Some employee gifts cost money, others simply call for time and effort. Whatever the case, a gift boosts employee morale, and therefore contributes to an agreeable work environment. In addition, the cost of appreciating employees is relatively small when compared to the benefits it brings into a business.

Some of the benefits of gifting employees include the following -


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Occasional praise can encourage employees to work harder, but a gift can go a long way in boosting employee morale. According to studies, the most effective gift must be tailored to the needs of the employee being gifted. Therefore, if you have been thinking about gifting your employees, your gifts will make more sense if you think of their needs first. For instance, an unexpected day off would make a perfect and inexpensive gift for an employee who hardly gets to spend any time with his or her kids as a result of work constraints.

Employee retention

Rewarding employees makes them want to remain with the business organization or company. Replacing highly trained employees and training new hires costs businesses a lot more than buying occasional employee gifts would. A gift can convince an employee who was considering leaving to stay, and this can increase employee retention statistics and consequently decrease long-term training costs.

Uniting the Workforce

Employee gifts bring about mutual respect in the workplace, and this in turn motivates employees further. Gifting your employees shows that you respect them and this encourages them to respect you back, and also to respect their fellow employees. Respect unites a team, and when this happens, it opens the lines of communication. Open communication lines encourage employees to share ideas and to put more effort towards the bottom line of a business.

Experts believe that employee gifts motivate employees to start seeing the success of a business as their own success. This prompts them to stop working for their own financial benefits alone, but to also personalize the mission of their employers.

In spite of all goodness that comes with employee gifts, finding the right gifts for your employees can be a tough affair, especially because of the stern gift tax policies.

Below is a compilation of several simple but clever steps to guide you along -

Find out what interests your employees

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Finding out what may interest an employee is the key to buying a significant gift. What do your employees enjoy doing when they are not working? Do they like watching movies? Perhaps they enjoy reading. Interacting with each and every employee will give you a clue on their hobbies, so write down mental notes whenever you strike up conversations with your team members. If you hear an employee mention wanting or needing a particular thing, make a silent note of it and if your company can afford to give it to him or her, start making plans on how to purchase it.

Choose a gift that is perfect for the occasion

If you intend to gift each and every employee, gifting them the same thing, such as basket of fruit and cheese each, might be a good idea if you don't want some of them to feel slighted by any means. Restaurant gift cards may be a good choice in this case. You may choose to get gift cards to a nearby restaurant so they can be able to have lunch together, or you may choose a newly opened joint that everyone is talking about. Alternatively, gift cards to a local grocery or meat store would be a pleasant gift.

If, on the other hand, you intend to gift one employee only, you can always find ways to be more creative. For example, you may choose a gift that can be personalized easily, such as a picture frame or a set of pens. By following our first tip, you will find out what interests him or her. You can thereafter come up with something you are sure they would enjoy.

Purchase the gift

You can either choose to shop for the gift or gifts personally or to have someone else do the shopping for you. Gift shops usually carry a wide variety of gifting items and it would therefore be a great idea to visit gift shops near you. If you can't find unique or memorable employee gifts in local stores, you can visit a larger store or an online gift shop where you will have a bigger chance of finding exactly what you are looking for.

Consider taxes

Before picking out ideal gifts for your employees, it is important to consider tax implications. Some states have strict policies on employee gifts. As an employer, it would be wise to keep clear records when it comes to gift purchases. To learn more about tax implication and deductibility in your area, talk to your accountant or visit the CRA website.

With these clever tips, you can be assured of getting your employees gifts that will show your appreciation and boost their morale at the same time. All in all, to recognize your employees through gifts, you don't have to spend a lot of money. Employees will even take pride a simple thank you note as long as you are willing to acknowledge they are doing a good job.

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