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How To Create a Standard Operation Procedure Without the Headache

how to create a standard operation procedure without the headache
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Standard Operation Procedure

How To Create a Standard Operation Procedure Without the Headache

Managing a restaurant is full of small, but crucial details. Knowing what to standardize and how to do it is an arduous task. However, having a digital platform can keep key details from falling through the cracks, and creating a standard operating procedure helps ease the task.

Standardizing - Why it's Important

For so many businesses, standardizing procedures and protocols can be a challenging and time-consuming process, so the task is often overlooked or regarded as unimportant compared to other obligations. This is particularly the case when these protocols must be changed quickly or checked often. Many times, there are situational or extraordinary circumstances that require extra attention or a deviation from the ‘normal' day-to-day operations. Of course, no manager can physically be in a restaurant 24 hours a day. Thus a ‘rule book,' or standard operation procedure, must be established for employees to understand their role and responsibilities even when a manager cannot be present to demonstrate their daily tasks. So, when there is shift-work involved in any business, communication is key in working more efficiently and maximize profits. This article outlines making efficient to do lists.

When an employee is asked to complete a task, they must know how to complete it without error or misunderstandings. Knowing how to train each employee with standards and consistency is an absolute must in a fast-paced environment, and a digital platform can greatly help.

Answer Questions Quickly

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Having an answer to employees' questions when management is not available is critical to any business running smoothly. Having those answers available at any time is just as important. Standard operation procedures (or SOP) are a ‘rulebook' for your employee's questions. What's more, a Standard operation procedure can ensure that employees are well versed on the procedures and protocols of your business, effectively limiting the scope of almost any mistake or misunderstanding. This is ensuring that employees stay on track with their daily obligations and no precisely how to do so.

Zip Checklist allows business owners to have a standard operation procedure readily available with any tablet or smartphone with the Zip Checklist app, along with the cloud-based computer software. The easy access allows employees to consult the ‘rule book' quickly and efficiently at any given time. This can mean the difference between a huge mistake and a seamless shift.

Management can't be present every hour of every day, so having a way to get quick answers is crucial for employees. It is also extremely critical for management to have the freedom of a phone not constantly ringing off the hook. Thus, a Zip checklist can increase the productivity of management as well as the rest of your employees, effectively maximizing your restaurant's profits.

Access, Anytime, Anywhere

The easy access also allows for changes to be made on the fly. Since there is an ever-changing environment in business, usually with a hundred different things going on, it can seem nearly impossible to communicate the latest standard operation procedure to your employees. Fortunately, Zip Checklist offers a fast and easy solution.

Standard operation procedures can be updated and changed at any time. These changes are then automatically sent to your employees and are easily accessible. Business owners are also able to add comments and notes to any task, or even for an entire organization, to increase communication with and among their staff. Notes for further clarification can be uploaded to any task or several tasks in order to avoid possible errors in part of the employees. Photos or videos are also easily uploaded onto the platform. These are extremely useful for training new employees or updating the current procedure quickly and efficiently.

Task Assignment

Knowing what a business' employees are responsible for and required to do is just as important for management as it is for the employee. Zip Checklist allows for tasks to be assigned by management and completed by employees virtually via checklists. Business managers can also view which tasks have been completed, and which tasks have yet to be done, to improve accountability among employees. Checklists within checklists are also available to management and employees to produce a larger scope of responsibilities.

For example, a manager can create a checklist that entails procedures necessary for opening the business each morning and within that checklist the manager may include the tasks that are required to complete this larger task. Through this streamlining process, employees know exactly what is expected of them throughout their shift and management has confidence in what is being completed in real time. Different tasks are also able to be assigned to different employees which just a few simple steps. This is helpful so that tasks may be divided amongst employees and conquered quickly.

Prioritize Tasks

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It is also important to prioritize tasks when time is of the essence, which is crucial in the restaurant business. The Zip Checklist system allows management to do just that. By having several priority levels, management can have the most important tasks completed quickly while saving less time-sensitive tasks for quieter periods. This is also extremely helpful for employees. Knowing which tasks need to be completed first can help employees use their time wisely and efficiently.

Additionally, reminders and notifications are also an excellent feature to keep employees on task and, more importantly, to keep anything from being forgotten or left behind.


Task assignment, prioritization, real-time access, and real-time reporting allow for each employee to be accountable for tasks and responsibilities. The real-time reporting allows for management to access checklists from up to one year ago. These reports, only accessible by management and administrative accounts, are updated in real time. With this feature, management can ensure that employees are completing crucial tasks within the allotted amount of time.

Standardizing your operations is the only way for consistency to be the prominent feature of your restaurant. Any task big or small can be handled quickly and efficiently through the right platform. Having a comprehensive platform that encourages this consistency saves both management and staff valuable time and energy. With a fast setup and an environmentally friendly access to both management and staff, the Zip Checklist can significantly improve the productivity of your restaurant.

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