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How to Find the Best Task Management Software for Your Business

how to find the best task management software for your business
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Explore Task management Software Features To Boost Productivity

If you are seeking ways to boost productivity, cut costs, and increase profits, you need task management software. This article will explore some of the best features in today's task management software to help you find the right one for your business.

What is Task Management Software?

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Due to the relative newness of task management software, we get asked this question quite often. The name implies just enough information that most people can get a basic idea, but there is only so much you can glean from a name alone. Task management software is a powerful tool for managers to gain complete control of their employees' activities. While originating on desktop and laptop computers, task management software has evolved to the point it is now available as a mobile app as well. With an impressive list of features, including simple cross-platform compatibility, cloud technology, and real-time updates, getting started with task management software is as easy as downloading an app to your favorite mobile device.

That's our quick and simple overview, just to give you an idea, but the details are where the real wow-factor starts. Below, we explore the top features of the best task management software on the market today and how it can help any business be more productive and efficient.

What Are the Best Task Management Software Features?

When shopping for task management apps, you'll want to look for products that offer a wide variety of features. While it's great if you can find one that is tailored to your industry, you can often make do with a generic one, if you need to. Just be sure whichever one you select doesn't trap you in a contract or make you pay a lot up front. Wither so many robust products on the market today, there's no reason to get stuck using a product that doesn't meet your needs. With that caution in mind, here is our list of the best task management software features you should be looking for.

Cloud Technology

With the advances in software and mobile technology now permeating everyday life, there is no reason any business software shouldn't already be using cloud technology. If you're not sure what that phrase means, here's a quick definition. Cloud technology is the ability to store and access data (files, programs, pictures, videos, etc.) via the internet rather than keeping it all stored on your hard drive. Cloud technology has a multitude of advantages over local file storage, not the least of which is accessibility. When your files are in the cloud, your task management app can access those files from any connected device from anywhere in the world that has internet connectivity. In everyday life, it's like being able to check your social media page on your phone while sitting on your couch at home. Just like social media or browsing websites, your restaurant's data will be at your fingertips with cloud-based task management software.

Real-Time Updates

Thanks to cloud technology, modern task management apps give users the power of real-time updates. This is especially important in the foodservice industry, where everything moves at a faster pace, and there is no time for delays. Real-time updates help managers delegate tasks, mark critical tasks that should be finished first, and even make changes on-the-fly. Each change is updated in real-time, which means every connected device gets the update in seconds, even if you made the change on your cell phone while sitting in traffic. Staff members need only check their devices for updates, and everyone will be on the same page. This handy tool eliminates the delay that changes on paper or logbooks can cause, and it ensures everyone sees the update.

Logs and Reports

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Task management software is designed to make every manager's job easier and more enjoyable. One way it accomplishes this is by taking the monotony and boredom out of getting reports. The task management app can collect relevant data, compile it in any way you choose, and then create a report in an instant. You can either view the report on your screen, or you can print it out. Either way, you have the reports you need to help you make faster decisions and keep the business flowing.


The best task management apps will be built with growth and evolution in mind. You should be able to add compatible apps to your task management software which will expand functionality and further increase efficiency. If your software doesn't play nice with other apps, it's time to find something better. The benefits of compatible apps grow exponentially, and being locked out of that growth is a great way to stall your business.

Keep in Compliance

One benefit of good task software is the ability to send and receive alerts and notifications. These can be used to keep your restaurant in compliance with food safety laws. Forgetting to check temperature, for example, is a costly mistake. Kiss those mistakes goodbye when you add an alert from your task management app. It keeps employees on track, aids in employee engagement, and it helps them stay accountable, too. It's not just food safety regulations you'll be able to follow. The software can help keep your business in compliance with local labor laws, too.

Multi-Language Options

One of the hardest parts of running a restaurant is communication. It's even harder for those working in a predominantly English-speaking restaurant who don't speak English as a first language. Give your bilingual employees a way to understand and communicate by using task management apps that use their native language. Reduce miscommunication and increase their sense of community, all with a straightforward piece of software.

What Should I Avoid in Task Management Apps?

We've covered a lot of positive features to look for in task management apps, but it's just as important to be informed of the bad side. Thankfully, this list is much smaller and everything on it is easy to avoid.

a. Avoid contracts—don't get stuck with software you won't like
b. Don't pay upfront—look for free trials
c. Don't skimp on tech support—tech support should be included

In point four we talked about compatible apps. If you're interested in some of the options available for compatible productivity apps, we have an article on inventory control and making it simpler.

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