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How to Get a Handle on Your Workforce Management Using Apps

how to get a handle on your workforce management using apps
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Don't be overwhelmed by your management duties. Use a digital workforce management system to get your workforce under control, so productivity increases and profits climb. We'll show you how.

What is a Workforce Management System?

Managing your team can be a lot of fun, but it can also bring its own set of challenges. A small group of employees or large, you are tasked with keeping track of their productivity, efficiency, and profitability. There's a lot on your plate, and without the proper tools at your disposal, it can be stressful and time-consuming. Scheduling shifts, assigning tasks, sending reminders to supervisors and employees, and many other duties fall on you. If even one thing goes unfinished, you could watch your company's profits plummet.

Workforce management software is the best way to get a handle on all of your tasks and all of your employees. These apps offer flexible solutions that are designed to remove the monotony of repetitive tasks and ways to fine-tune workforce management without adding another bill to worry about. It will ease your burdens while streamlining your job, and in the process, it'll make your employees happier and more productive.

Don't be Afraid to Communicate

Just like in healthy relationships, in business, communication is number one. You need to be able to talk to your employees, and they should feel safe enough to communicate back. Many problems can be avoided by using the built-in communication tools in your workforce management software. It might be private emails or text messages delivered in real-time, or perhaps via digital schedule request forms, your employees should always have a way to speak to management. When you leave the lines of communication open for your employees, they get a feeling of community, and they're more engaged when they know you're listening to them. It's no secret that an engaged and loyal employee is a productive one, and with great workforce management apps at your fingertips, you can be sure your employees are heard.

Create Great Task Lists

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Workforce management is all about communicating. While tip number one focused on employees being able to communicate with you, tip two is all about you communicating your expectations and goals to the group. Create and monitor the daily task lists so employees know what's expected of them at every stage. Using real-time updates, you can keep track of your staff's activities and step in when any problems arise. You don't even need to be in the room to see what's happening, simply open the workforce management app, check on the progress of your task lists, and mark critical tasks that haven't been completed yet. The staff will get a notification and can make adjustments to their workflow right away, ensuring no critical tasks are left undone.

Help Employees Stay on Top of Food Safety

Workforce management apps can include robust food safety tools that help keep your restaurant in compliance with local regulations. The app can send reminders for important food safety checks immediate alerts when something is wrong. Avoid costly fines while also preventing costly food spoilage. Connect the food safety app to your task lists to keep employees accountable and you informed.

Simplify the POS System

Make sure you're using a mobile POS solution that can connect to other aspects of your productivity software. It should be entirely cloud-based with access to your company's data storage and retrieval. That allows instant credit and debit card processing and a way to capture customer information seamlessly and without hassle. The fewer steps an employee has to make when dealing with customer payments, the better. It makes guests happier and relieves some of the stress for your employees.

Integrate Your Inventory Solution and Always Know What's in Stock

Workforce management includes knowing what your inventory looks like at any moment. Traditional methods of inventory control were time-consuming and often resulted in flawed numbers from tired or bored employees. With a real-time inventory solution, however, it can work with your POS system, your task lists, and your food safety app to give complete control over your inventory at all times. Employees are always entering data but without any extra steps or stress. For example, every time a meal is paid for, your POS system will update the inventory app, and if you're running low on an ingredient, you'll be notified right away. The alerts are automated, so it's no longer the staff's responsibility to keep track on clipboards or to deliver inventory updates. It all happens automatically, and you know the numbers will always be correct.

Streamline Scheduling

Employee scheduling can be a source of great stress for management and the staff. There are a lot of factors you need to consider when making your weekly schedules, and it can be difficult to keep it all in mind. When you have a robust workforce management system in place, you will be able to skip the stressful parts and have the app make the schedules for you. Using built-in templates (or ones you've created yourself), the app will select the right staff members for the right shifts, paying attention to labor laws and vacation requests, too. All you have to do is review the schedule, make any changes, then approve it. In seconds, the schedule is sent to every employee, and nobody is left in the dark.

Other Options for Workforce Management

There are many creative ways to adapt your system to meet the unique needs of your restaurant, and if you don't feel like any of the features mentioned above would work for you, just don't add them. That's the beauty of building your own modular workforce management system. You try out the different compatible apps, and if they don't work, you just delete them. If they do work for you, great! You just found a new tool to add to your management toolbox. The goal of workforce management is to help your employees work smarter, not harder, and you can do that with the right apps to back you up.

If you'd like to learn more about any of the tools we've discussed here, we have a variety of articles covering a whole range of topics. We're particularly fond of this article covering POS solutions.

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