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How to Stay Organized at Work - 7 Awesome Calendar Apps

how to stay organized at work 7 awesome calendar apps
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Best Calendar Apps

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Forgetting important tasks and appointments with clients can be embarrassing to a business, but most importantly, it can be damaging to the reputation of the business, which can be disastrous, to say the least. That's why businesses of all types, big or small, should embrace shared calendar apps.

A shared calendar app or calendar tool is just like a normal calendar with the only difference being that it can be shared and accessed through a mobile device or a desktop computer.

Calendar apps can help businesses to manage tasks and meetings, but they can also help individuals like you to manage your tasks and appointments. What business owners and managers love about these apps is their ability to balance out busy organizations. In many businesses, individual employees wear different hats. With shared calendar apps, managers get to know of their employee's availability and current obligations so they can optimally plan work schedules with that in mind.

Calendars apps, sometimes known as open schedules, are also very efficient at group scheduling, setting up group meetings, and detecting when most employees are free.

Today, there are many different types of calendar apps on the market, each offering a variety of features. The truth is that if one calendar app worked best for all businesses and individuals, the wide range of calendar tools on the market would not exist. The best calendar software depends on individual needs and circumstances.

Below are a few examples of calendar apps that will help keep you and your business well organized -

Zip Schedules

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Zip Schedules is among the top calendars apps on the market today and has been described by users as "the easiest and most affordable way for employers and employees to interact and communicate remotely."Zip Schedules practically puts the schedule in employee's pockets by notifying them whenever a schedule has been published or updated, enabling them to request time off, swap shifts and edit availability.

What's great about Zip Schedules (for employees)

1. Viewing work schedules anytime, anywhere
2. Updating availability
3. Sending and keeping track of requests
4. Offering and swapping shifts
5. Communicating with co-workers

What's great about Zip Schedules (for employers and managers)

1. Viewing past, current, and future schedules
2. Viewing employee availability
3. Updating schedules
4. Controlling alerts and notifications
5. Approving or denying employee requests
6. Notifying employees about their schedules
7. Viewing employee information
8. Communicating with employees

Google Calendar

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Google Calendar app is something that can be used every day because it allows users to schedule events and appointments with a simple-to-understand click-and-drag interface. It is a perfectly decent calendar tool packed with enough features to makes it one of the most popular online calendars available, especially because it is pre-installed on many Android devices. Getting started with this particular app is easy, especially if you already have a Gmail account since you don't need to sign up. However, those who don't have a Gmail account need to sign up for a Google account in order to use this free calendar tool.

What's great about Google Calendar

1. It's free
2. Enables users to create calendars for different parts of their lives and to schedules tasks and events
3. Carries a World Clock that can be enabled to allow users to see the time in other time zones
4. Allows files to be attached directly to an event
5. Syncs with multiple calendars
6. The calendar app uses the same familiar design across all platforms- from desktops to iPhones
7. Comes with a gentle notification mode to make notifications less annoying


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This is a new calendar app that has amazing features. It works smoothly and is easy to navigate. Wave is particularly popular because of its beautiful and smooth interface which makes it a delight to use.

Best features

1. No advertisements
2. Adds attachments to your appointments
3. Integrates with local weather forecasts
4. Comes with an integrated task feature which syncs Google Tasks.
5. Available in English, German, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian French, and Portuguese languages
6. Available for Android Wear and Apple Watch


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Featuring a colorful background intended to jazz up users calendars; Cal is among the prettiest calendar apps available today. Cal shows the entire day's agenda, such as meetings, appointments, and to-dos in a chronological list, unlike most calendar which show hourly timelines.

Best features

1. Syncs with existing calendars such as Exchange and Google Calendar
2. Automatically merges personal and business agendas
3. Extremely flexible to changing needs
4. Predicts who the user wants to meet and even suggests nearby meeting places
5. Comes with in-built Google Maps
6. Equipped with reminders
7. Free on iOS and Android


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Sunrise is among the various calendar tools with a clutter-free interface. Its main view shows a list of upcoming events, a weekly view, and a sneak view into the monthly calendar at the top.

Great features about Sunrise

1. Uses keywords to categorize events
2. Appealing and clutter-free interface
3. Integrates with Facebook
4. Free on Android and iOS

Fantastical 2

Originally, Fantastical 2 was an iPad-only app, probably because only the larger screen of an iPad could adequately display its great interface. However, its developers realized that iPhones too could accommodate the app with a few adjustments and soon after streamlined an interface that could fit a smaller screen.

Great features

1. User-friendly interface
2. Offers a 5-day view
3. Can add appointments and events using natural language
4. Allow files to be attached directly to an event
5. Equipped with iOS Reminders integration to notify users of upcoming events

Horizon Calendar

Horizon Calendar has a great way of integrating its outlook to match the users' plans. The calendar is free for iOS only, but it also offers a premium version with extra features.

Great features

1. With this calendar app, users get to view their day's schedule at a glance
2. Offers weather information just by a tap on an icon
3. Uses natural language
4. Enables gestures

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