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Use a Standard Operating Procedure Format to Save Time

how to use a standard operating procedure format to save everyone time
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Management can be very consuming and extremely complicated. Having your staff well trained is only one part of the path to success. Find out how these simple tips can help you get more done faster and in a more efficient manner, using a standard operating procedure format.

Streamline Communication Easily

Streamlining all of your communications to your staff is essential in operating a business. Having your staff on the same page is extremely important for a business to succeed. Anything from communicating work schedules to what is expected on any given day can take hours for a manager to do. It may seem that emailing each team member before a shift may well be the only way to communicate each task that needs to be completed, but that is a thing of the past. Zip Checklist is a platform that can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet or computer. Thus, giving you as many options as possible to further meet your needs. Having lists and procedures uploaded onto Zip Checklist at any time can create opportunities in which each staff member may check any platform before a shift. This can help save everyone time and energy by streamlining the standard operating procedure format.

Stay on Top of Tasks

When each employee knows what exactly he or she are responsible for, it helps your restaurant move more efficiently without any unnecessary chaos. Staying on top of tasks can help everyone do their job better. Unfortunately, having a paper checklist for each job at a restaurant can be time-consuming. The papers have to be checked by management on a daily or hourly basis and updated periodically. This can take hours out of a manager's day that could otherwise be spent on more productive projects.

Zip Checklist is a great option for staying on top of tasks. With Zip Checklist, management can assign tasks to specific employees. Delegating tasks is vital when running a business. Having the option to have those checklists on a variety of platforms, and thus being able to access them from anywhere, can save you time, energy, and valuable funds. Management can also access reports of all checklists and see just how far down a checklist an employee has gotten, giving you more control and peace of mind. Here is an article on several ways to improve task management.

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The standard operating procedure checklists can also be changed quickly and easily from anywhere. If for example, there is some special event or you experience some unforeseen circumstances you will have the option to update the information before your staff can have access to it. Having these checklists available to you and your staff from a variety of platforms and places allows for staff to be updated, without a manager having to send several different emails to update people on the same subject or task.

Make Updates Easy

Your staff, especially newer members of your employees, will need to be updated or reminded about standards to which they are held. Having those standards readily available to staff is invaluable. Your staff will inevitably need to refresh their memories, and there is no room in a busy restaurant for your servers or bartenders to be flipping through their standard operating procedures' paperwork. Zip Checklist can be accessed from any smartphone quickly and efficiently, thus saving your staff members time. It can literally place the information they need in the palm of their hand, and give them the access they want without weighing them down with unnecessary paperwork, thereby making the standard operating procedure easier to access than ever.

Have Answers to the Questions They Are Asking

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Having standard operating procedures can save time and confusion. Having specific plans in place like how to set the table correctly or how the range should be cleaned or how the menus should be organized all seem like trivial details, but if all of these details were off every shift, your restaurant would be at a standstill. It would be chaos.

As a manager, you want your staff to be well informed, but you also realize that this can very well mean being asked hundreds of questions. This would take up all of your time and prevent you from performing the essential duties you need to do to get your job done.

Zip Checklist is a great place that your employees can go to first in order to get the answers they need, or to find the solution to a problem before asking management and dragging you away from something you need to be doing. Managers can easily upload standards for anything or upload answers to the most frequent questions amongst your staff. You are even able to add photos and videos for more clarification. Sometimes having these step-by-step tools prove to be very useful and they can help avoid any confusion. This will save you time and save your staff time as well.

Continuing Education

Continuing your staff's education is vital to your restaurant's success. Keeping your staff up-to-date with new procedures and new products can save everyone time and energy. It means having everyone on the same page and working towards the same goal. A wonderful way to keep educating your staff is to meet with them on a weekly or biweekly basis with a particular theme or idea or to answer any questions your staff may have regarding their daily tasks. This could be regarding service points, new menu items, new wines or cocktails, or even new procedures. Zip Checklist is an excellent way to keep meeting notes all in one place. This way your staff can go back into the meeting notes and review them after the meeting. Or if, for whatever reason, a staff member is unable to make a meeting the meeting notes are all in one place. Thus, making it easy for them to catch-up on what they missed and saving you the trouble of having to repeat the same information to a single person.

Saving time is a vital and an ever-changing aspect of owning or managing a restaurant- or any business. Having a platform that can accommodate the time-saving needs of staff and management is hugely important.

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