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How to Use Shiftnotes and Other Employee Scheduling Apps Successfully

how to use shiftnotes and other employee scheduling apps successfully
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Learn To Use Scheduling Apps To Fine-Tune Your Shift Schedule Duties

Employee scheduling is simple with scheduling apps such as Shiftnotes and Zip Schedules. Learn to use these powerful tools to increase productivity and save time and money on tedious shift schedule duties.

What are scheduling apps like Shiftnotes?

Shiftnotes, along with a few other industry leaders, are powerful applications designed to take the tedium and guesswork out of employee scheduling. By automating many of the time-consuming tasks in regular shift schedule duties, Shiftnotes and other shift schedule apps help maintain consistency with employee schedules, while saving time, labor, and money. Using the familiar Excel spreadsheet format, Shiftnotes and Zip Schedules make tracking, logging, and creating reports a snap, leaving more time for managers to focus on customer service and growing their brands.

Great shift schedule apps include impressive tools for organizing, planning, and deploying shift schedule lists, as well as offering built-in extras. Some apps—Shift Notes and Zip Schedules in particular—include tools such as robust communication platforms, the ability to offer open shifts and allow employees to accept them on the fly, and alerts for a wide variety of situations that might require quick attention. Since not all scheduling apps will have the same features, it's important to research each one to see if they offer everything you need to complete your shift schedule duties efficiently and painlessly. This article will focus on the two big ones - Shiftnotes and Zip Schedules since these two apps have similar functionality and offer interesting tools to help your business grow. It's important to note that while Shiftnotes and Zip Scheduling are similar in many ways, they also have their unique features that set them apart from the rest.

Know Your Available Tools

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It's not enough to simply have Shiftnotes or another shift schedule app for your business. You need to understand the software and how to use it to improve your company's efficiency and profits. We can't cover every feature of every shift schedule app, but we can tell you some of the best features that Zip Schedules and Shiftnotes have in common and that you should be using to help your business grow.

Create, Modify, and Enhance Excel Spreadsheets

Excel spreadsheets are the industry standard when it comes to shifting schedule duties. They're easy to create, easy to fill in, and simple to understand. Just fill it out, print it, and post it for employees to see. What could be easier? The truth is, while spreadsheets alone are good for shift schedules, they have their limitations on their own. Enter Shiftnotes - scheduling apps, such as Shiftnotes and Zip Schedules, take the plain, boring Excel spreadsheets and give them a powerful new twist. Imagine being able to sort, display, and log everything at the touch of a finger. That's what Shiftnotes and Zip Schedules can do. Need to see old schedules? Just swipe and tap. Need to compare sales logs to certain shifts to see where money loss is coming from? It's simple with shift schedule apps. Create Excel templates and simply drag and drop or copy and paste information from one sheet to another, reducing time spent writing everything by hand or creating whole new sheets. Shiftnotes, as well as other shift schedule apps, allow you to get shift scheduling done quickly so you can focus on other things. Having a digital platform for your spreadsheets simplifies the shift schedule process and puts some neat tools into your hands, too.

Shiftnotes and Zip Schedules Keep Employees Connected

With built-in communication platforms, Shiftnotes, Zip Schedules, and a handful of other shift schedule apps keep employees and managers in the loop with shift notes right in the app and automated messages. Need to send an announcement to the whole crew? It's easy in Shiftnotes. If an employee needs to speak with you privately, but in-person time is short, they can send a shift note in the mobile app, allowing you to handle it on the spot or to respond when you have more time. These kinds of shift notes and personal communications are fast, secure, and private, so there are no awkward situations to raise the stress level. Read shift notes from your employees and other managers, or write your shift notes, announcements, and reminders to keep everyone on the same page.

Alerts can Save More Than Money

Shiftnotes includes text and email alerts for shift reminders, any open shifts that need to be filled, and reminders of pending approvals that managers need to handle. Zip Schedules has a powerful and timely system that sends preemptive alerts to help you avoid the costly penalties of labor rule breaches. Have an important alert that you need everyone to see? Write a shift note with the alert information and rest assured that every staff member will see it. This alert system used along with the messaging platform mentioned above keeps everyone informed and gets shift notes, reminders, and important information to employees with very little effort. Great communication is critical, and Shiftnotes and Zip Schedules make that a priority. It's not just money on the line, but your reputation, too. Alerts that go ignored spell trouble—avoid the hassle and use Shiftnotes' and Zip Schedules' built-in alert and communication systems.

Reporting is More Than Just Looking at the Past

Every manager knows that creating informative and complete reports is an important aspect of proper shift schedule management. With the right scheduling apps, you can create, modify, and even print out reports such as daily rosters, labor forecasts, and budgets, and even compare past reports side by side to find any areas you can improve productivity and profits. Try that with a paper log book, and you'll just end up wasting hours of your time and creating a mess. Shiftnotes and Zip Schedules make reporting quick, painless, and incredibly simple. Add some shift notes and comments to your logs and reports to help fine-tune future reports, too.

Utilize Employee Portals and Help Staff Stay Engaged

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Employee engagement is one of the often-overlooked points to true success. You need to provide ways for your employees to stay engaged and feel like a part of something bigger. Zip Schedules and Shiftnotes both provide powerful and engaging employee portals. These tools empower staff members by allowing them to view their shift schedule, request time off and vacation days, trade shifts with other employees, and send and receive shift notes from supervisors and management. By allowing employees this small measure of control, they feel more important to your business, feel heard and understood, and their loyalty and trust will grow.

What to Look for in Great Shift Schedule Apps

Our top 5 scheduling app tips above cover the most important aspects of good scheduling app software, but there's more to consider, too. Look for apps that offer a free trial, no restrictive contracts, great customer support, and compatibility with other productivity apps if you want to get the most out of your shift schedule app.

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