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the top 10 hr apps of 2016 human resource management goes mobile
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

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Human resource management apps are some of the most valuable tools that employees and managers of companies big and small can take advantage of. HR apps provide unique ways for companies to hire, schedule, manage, and educate their employees. Many HR apps even include financial perks such as payroll management, financial planning, and others such as salary and benefits information. The best part? It's all on the go.

Employees and managers no longer have to waste time going through HR departments at companies to take advantage of the benefits of human resource management apps; they can simply pick up their smartphones and get all the information and tools they need to succeed and stay informed.

Here are 10 of the best HR apps of 2016 according to ratings on various business websites and based on their unique features that make them stand out above the rest. Many of these HR apps also come with free trial, free demos, and many are even completely free!

The Top 10 Human Resource Management Apps of 2016

Zenefits – Free

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This app connects your human resource management systems together in just minutes which allows managers and employees to take control of HR benefits from a single online dashboard. This provides ease, saves time, and requires fewer steps to access employee benefits.You can also build your online reports through Zenefits as well as track time and attendance, approve or reject time off requests, access job and salary history, use eSignatures, and much more.

Zenefits also complies with and provides information for COBRA Administration, gives access to payroll administration, and provides the company's employee directory. Zenefits also received 4 and 5 star ratings from users according to .

Workable – Free Trial

For another five-star rating app, consider Workable for your human resource management needs. Workable has a free trial and is then available for a small, affordable monthly fee. The app provides exceptional hiring software for companies big and small and is incredibly easy to use, according to users.Workable replaces email and spreadsheets with an applicant tracking system that makes the hiring process fast, enjoyable, and easy to use. It also allows you to provide detailed job descriptions and a branded careers page to post to multiple job boards. There's no data entry required with Workable; it automatically uploads resumes, work history documents, and even references all in one place.

With just a few clicks you can sift through employees to find rich candidates that suit you and your business's needs.Finally, Workable allows you to work effectively with your hiring team on a platform that keeps your schedule, notes, analytics, and communication history all in one place.

Zip Schedules – Free Trial

Zip Schedules provides effortless employee scheduling to make scheduling and shift management a breeze. It's one of the best investments companies can use for shift management tasks and takes the confusion out of standard scheduling systems by streamlining tasks into one place.

Both the app and the desktop version of Zip Schedules allow managers to create schedules, allows employees to communicate with the manager about shift availability changes, request time off, see the current schedule, and request to be contacted when open shifts are available. It even delivers new schedules in just seconds so employees don't have to check with HR departments or hunt down managers to find the new schedule.

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Zip Schedules allows managers to see who is working, who is on the clock, and create effective schedules that work for their business profits and losses.Zip Schedules also allows for you to import financial documents and statements so you can manage your schedules differently each week depending on sales and expenses. The app comes with a free 30-day trial and has a low-fee thereafter which is scaled by the size of your business.

Bamboo HR – Free Trial

Bamboo HR is another applicant tracking app that appeals to users for its low cost and ease of use. The app helps inform users of top-notch candidates in a competitive job market and improves the job market experiences for everyone.

It even allows companies to post jobs to various job boards, it filters candidates that match a company's job description needs, and it allows users to rate candidates for an effortless hiring experience.

Collaborators can also leave comments under applicants if a team is discussing a hire, and there can be notes and ratings given among employees who are looking at potential candidates, all on the go.

Bridge – Free Demo and Free Trial

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Bridge is one of the most unique type of human resource management apps – it allows you to create courses for employees, all quickly and easily. This makes corporate learning simple and provides real data for users to educate their employees on varying corporate classes.

Employees can also use the app and take classes on the go, receive feedback and gradings, and much more. This allows for both employees and managers to work more effectively as a team for a top-notch successful business.

The app comes with a free demo to let users test it out and then comes with a free trial should they decide to give Bridge a try.

Fairsail HRMS – Free Demo

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Fairsail HRMS is one of the best HR apps for multinational companies who manage large workforces. Essentially, Fairsail HRMS transforms how various organizations engage, manage, acquire, and develop their employees.

It is a global cloud HR and people management system for companies as small as 200 employees to as large as 5000 employees. Fairsail aims to improve communication, organization, human resource management, analytics and planning, and performance management for companies— all on the go.

The app also provides effective, cost-efficient payroll supports no matter what country, currency or local benefit policies exist. With minimal disruption, Fairsail HRMS prevents time being wasted during employee training—which is priceless for a company's success.

The app comes with a free demo so users can test the app out to see how it works before committing to regular use.

Optimum HR – Free Demo

Optimum HRIS offers in-house systems for IBM series computers and Microsoft Windows. It works through a cloud which provides effortless human resource management solutions for both employees and managers. Optimum provides payroll information, tracks time and attendance, and helps companies with 100 employees or more manage various tasks that would otherwise be difficult and time-consuming.

The app works with a fully integrated single database and has cost-effective options for HRIS management teams.The app comes with a free demo and has a 4.5-star rating across multiple job boards rating human resource management apps.

HRMatrix – Free Trial

HR Matrix is an online HR software system that has various tools that make it stand out as one of the best HR apps available. It provides employee management, collaboration, shift scheduling, time management, expense management, project tracking, performance management, and much more.

Users can also take advantage of attendance tracking, organization charts, training management, applicant tracking, reports, and analytics.

The app provides automatic and continuous updates and it comes with a free 30-day trial. It can then be purchased as a cloud software system or on premise as a customer-based solution.

Namely – Free Demo and Free Virtual Tour

Namely is an especially unique type of HR platform that was designed for users to interact with every single day. It provides HR software technology that is easy enough to use on social media but complex enough to meet the needs of various HR professionals.

Namely provides a way for payroll support, benefits management, and talent management to be found all in one place. This allows for companies to maintain top-notch employees that actually enjoy the HR experience.

The app also received 4.5-star ratings for its customer service team, ease of use, accuracy, and user-friendliness. Namely also comes with a free demo and has a free virtual tour of the app on the company's website.

Gusto – Free Trial

Gusto is one of the top 5-star rating apps among all HR apps. It is a new type of payroll system that provides benefits information and automatically exports and imports tax information.

The app is also packed with more features including employee accounts, 1099s, PDF reports, allows for automatic payroll management, and even digital signatures.

Gusto even works directly with the IRS to make efficient and correct changes to employee payroll information, tax deductions, and benefits or changes so you don't have to.The app comes with a free 30-day trial and is then priced on a scaled basis depending on the size of the company and how many users will be interacting with the app.

Change Your Human Resources Management Today

If human resource management management is a regular headache for you and your company, these HR apps are one of the best and most simple tools to take advantage of quickly and easily to make the human resources experience easier and more enjoyable for everyone. Download a few of them and give them a try; they might just change your entire human resource management system for the better!

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