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Looking for a New Retail Mobile App?

retail mobile app
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Retail Mobile Apps

If you’ve been looking for a new retail mobile app, you’ve come to the right place.

We know you’ve been on the hunt for a retail mobile app that actually delivers. You know – the kind of app that will help you improve your retail revenue. Maybe you’re even looking for an app that will act as a sort of assistant – one that will help you with employee scheduling or managing employee performance.

Either way, you’re looking for a retail mobile app that will truly deliver.

Well, here at Hubworks.com, we’re happy to deliver the retail mobile apps you’re looking for. In fact, we’re confident that once you discover our offering of retail mobile apps, you’ll want to download them right away.

Check out what kind of retail mobile apps are waiting for you at Hubworks now.

Zip Clock – A Better Way to Track Employee Schedules

As a busy retail store manager, you may not have time to ensure that your schedules are being enforced. It’s too bad, really – time theft and buddy time punching can be two of the most insidious revenue thefts. When employees aren’t being accountable for their schedules, it’s harder to run a productive and successful retail store.

That’s why we’ve developed Zip Clock Retail Mobile App, as it’s the superior way to view the schedule status of all your employees. What’s more, this mobile app allows you to eliminate costly time theft, as you can see when employees are punching in and out. You can also use this retail mobile app to collect and finalize payroll hours, making your job that much easier.

Best of all, the Zip Clock app is available for a FREE trial – no credit card details required!

Zip Schedules – Stay On Top of Scheduling Needs

Before you can enforce your employees' schedules, you need to create them in the first place – and for a lot of retail managers, that can be a huge pain. That’s why Hubworks created Zip Schedules. This retail mobile app allows you to create the kind of work schedules that keep employees happy, productive, and loyal to your brand. With fast set-up, effortless shift scheduling, you can create better employee schedules faster. And with regular labor law alerts, you’ll receive instant notification if your employee scheduling is violating any local, state, or even federal labor laws.

With the Zip Schedules app, you can do more than create standard shifts; you can also easily accept or reject employee requests, making it that much easier for you to manage the most successful employee schedule possible.

A Better Retail Mobile App

At Hubworks, we’re not just interested in making a retail mobile app – we want to make the BEST of the best. Our retail mobile apps are designed to meet the needs of the modern retail store manager, small business owner, or anyone else who wants to run an incredibly successful business.

Stop using old computer systems and paper-and-pen to run your business. Just head to Hubworks to download the best retail mobile app for your retail store!

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