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make opening a second restaurant easier with zip checklist task management
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Avoid Spreading Yourself Too Thin With Multiple Sites

A second location can be the right decision for many restaurants, but it is hard to manage multiple locations at once. With Zip Checklist, you can remotely manage both sites and double your success; making task management a breeze.

Opening a second location is a large task, requiring more intensive and attentive management from you. Before you commit, take the time to consider the choice. What made your first restaurant successful? Can you replicate that success in the new location? Is your task management system sophisticated enough to let you manage multiple teams at multiple locations? If you aren't sure about the last one, Zip Checklist is there. Through the Zip Checklist app, you can manage the second restaurant alongside the first and easily transfer the checklists that made your first location successful.

Rely on a Well Thought Out Business Plan

The first step to opening your second restaurant is something you should be familiar with from the first, a business plan. You can work with your second in command at the first location, to plan for the new location, and take into account everything you've learned. You won't be able to complete this business plan in the same time you did the first because you have a restaurant to run, so make sure to keep careful track of everything with your task management system.

It can be tempting to use the same business plan, after all, it's the same thing, right? While many materials can be reused, the specifics need to be adjusted for the new location, and nothing should be copied and pasted without careful consideration if it still applies. This is also when it would be a wise choice to check the second location. Is there enough demand in the new site? Do you have enough money?

Look back at your finances from the beginning of your first restaurant and, assuming you're planning on mostly replicating the first location, count on those numbers to be a realistic estimate on similar items (excluding the new location's rent, possible changes in vendor, etc.) Where are you going to get the money from? If you're getting it elsewhere, are you able to fulfill the financial responsibilities that come with that arrangement?

Consistency is Everything

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Perhaps the most important question you have to ask yourself is if you have enough time to devote to the new location. Restaurants aren't just locations, but brands. If you're using the same brand as your first site, you need to ensure the same quality, or you risk dragging both restaurants down. Zip Checklist can help you import many of the same materials and processes you use in your first location to make sure your second location is just as capable as the first. The daily, weekly, and monthly checklists you use can be easily transferred to the new employees to start off the new location with tried-and-true systems while also allowing you to monitor both locations with ease.

Share Your New Location with the World

You likely already have marketing infrastructure in place from your first location, but everything that's local will need to be reviewed for the new location. Make sure your marketing plan is capable of covering the new location and customers. Look for opportunities in the new place that can help you stand out. For example, if the new site is largely near commuters, try radio advertisements during rush hours.

Steering the Ship

You will also need a new manager for the new location. Do not plan on moving your current head manager at the first location to the second location, as you do not want to risk the already proven success of that location. Instead, ensure your management at the first location will be able to continue operating as usual even though your attention will be split. Your new manager for the second location should be experienced and good at communication, as you will be overseeing multiple locations.

To find fitting staff, make a list of the best qualities of your current staff and search for those qualities when working with your new manager to hire new employees. When you've hired the proper people, ask some staff from your first location to temporarily work at the other site to train employees and ensure early quality before the second location's staff have fully grown into their own. Conversely, you can have new staff members work in the first location for a short time to know what is expected of them. Your first site staff delivers on quality, so make sure the second location staff is up to the task. Remember to keep in compliance with small business laws as well; tips found here.

Keeping it Local

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Another aspect that could differ from your first restaurant is food supply. Depending on how far your second restaurant is from your first restaurant, the management of supply could be different. Do research and start to contact vendors more used to the second location's area. Also, check for any local farms near your second location. Fresh, local ingredients can improve your dishes and provide a useful marketing point.

Your first restaurant is a success; otherwise, you wouldn't be establishing a second. That makes the most important task of opening a second location the management of transferring and equating that success. Given that your staff will primarily be staying at the first restaurant, the thing you can transfer to the second restaurant is the process. By taking the checklists for opening, closing, daily tasks, weekly tasks, and monthly tasks and, through Zip Checklist, efficiently applying them to the new location, you start your second restaurant with a framework for success. Your employee handbook, job descriptions, and company policy documents can all be shared with new staff members simply by adding them to your Zip Checklist.

Besides helping your new employees to do their job, Zip Checklist also helps you juggle both locations. Any problems will be immediately communicated to you through the app, and you will have an audit trail for who chose how to fix it. The statuses of both sites can be viewed simultaneously from your dashboard, so you can keep track of how things are coming along in the required tasks. The app allows you to easily check in with managers on the situation in either of your restaurants at any time. Zip Checklist makes your task management responsibilities simple and clean.

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