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8 Reasons Why Every Restaurant Should Make Schedules Online

8 reasons why every restaurant should make schedules online
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Make Schedules Online

make schedules online

Most people have at one time or another worked in a restaurant or a food service chain. One common thing about these people is that they were never able to find their shifts for the week easily. In fact, most of them claim to have had to drive to work every morning to check the daily work schedule. Others had to make several frantic calls all day just to be assured they weren't missing a shift.

For those who still work in the industry, and more so those who work for employers who don't make schedules online, many times they missed shifts because the schedule changed for one reason or another and they never got the message.

Scheduling restaurant workers through Google Calendar and Excel has been a reasonable transition from paper scheduling, but some key components of effective employee scheduling are still missing, such as a centralized communication hub where employers and employees can be able to communicate availability, shift changes, employee requests, and so on.

Online scheduling is quickly becoming the preferred method for keeping restaurant schedules and attendance data organized. Other than restaurants, many kinds of businesses, big and small, have embraced online scheduling because they have also discovered the many benefits that come with this web-based scheduling solution.If you are a restaurant manager who is yet to embrace this kind of employee scheduling, you are probably asking what the benefits of online scheduling are. Here are some of the reasons why some of the most successful restaurants out there make schedules online.


Web-based scheduling workstations can be accessed anytime and from any part of the world where internet connection is available through any internet-connected device such as a laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet.

Employee Schedules

When you choose to build schedules online, you will be able to email or text your employees the weekly schedule as soon as you have completed it. This means that your employees will be able to get their shifts for the week early and it also means no more frantic phone calls and no more stopping by every morning to check out the schedule. In short, with quality employee scheduling software , you will be able to manage employee schedules, while at the same time accounting for flexible scheduling so as to keep your employees motivated and happy.

Tardiness and Absences

When employees are able to get immediate notifications through their phones whenever their shifts change, they will not have any reason to miss work.

Trading Shifts

With online scheduling, shift trades happen easily and effortlessly, with the manager's approval of course. It takes little time and almost no effort to get empty shifts covered.

Employee Availability

Employee availability is centralized online and therefore easy to keep track of. This simplifies the process of scheduling employees since you don't have to wait until all employees have submitted their availability in order to start scheduling.

Managing Employees Across All Locations

Managers who build schedules online find it easy to manage workers across various restaurant locations. Online scheduling also allows different managers to schedule their respective teams and this simplifies the process of managing employees across all locations.

Payroll Support

As you know, calculating payroll is a time-consuming and complicated task. Fortunately, because most online scheduling tools can integrate with payroll systems, payroll processing turns into a swift and uncomplicated task. Also, this connection between your shift plan, punch clock, and payroll will create a sense of security for employers and employees as well.

Customer Support

Most providers of scheduling software offer around the clock customer and tech support in case of emergencies.

If you are thinking that online employee scheduling is too expensive for you, think again because traditional or outdated employee scheduling methods can also be expensive. Think of the expenses that come with outdated systems such as the cost of paper, ink, toner, receptionists, and of course, the cost of human errors that tend to occur in most, if not all, man-made employee schedules. All this and other hidden costs that we are not going to discuss here can add up very fast depending on your scheduling needs and your local market.

If you are curious to make schedules online or to try out online employee scheduling, you've got nothing to lose because most online scheduling software vendors have free trial offers to allow people like you to try out this modern way of employee scheduling without necessarily committing to their services.

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