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How to Manage Chronically Late Employees Professionally

manage late employee with time calculator software
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Manage Employee Late Punch with Time Clock Software

Even if you have a great business, all of your efforts will go down the drain if your employees are always late to work. There can be many reasons for their tardiness; perhaps they have to send their kids to school every morning, the alarm did not go off, they missed the bus, etc.

However, these are one time occurrences and if an employee always has a fresh new excuse and continues to not come to work on time, it can cause a rift in the team. An intervention may be the best course of action you can take, but you need to remain professional at all time. Here are ways you can deal with employees who are always late-

Identify Tardy Employees

If employees are late once in a while it can be overlooked if their excuses are legitimate and if they don't have a history of being tardy. Unexpected problems at home or on the way to work can occur, but if a worker refuses to come in on time despite multiple warnings, then it's time to put your foot down.

However, even though they are being unprofessional, it does not mean you should be the same! As a manager, one of your jobs is to remain cool when faced with adversity. First, identify the employees who are late the most, analyze the excuses they give and then decide which ones you need to reprimand. A time clock application or a time clock calculator will help you discover which employees are taking advantage of the current system. If you yell at them each time they come in late, not only will you de-motivate them, but it will also de-motivate the rest of your team. Do the smart thing and hear them out first.

Remain Professional and Proactive

Don't allow a worker's tardiness to go unnoticed for long! If they come in late once or twice, you can excuse them. However, repeat offenders have a tendency of taking advantage of such situations and may try to test how far they can push you. The result? They will start coming in late every day; 10 minutes can extend to 30 minutes if they are not confronted. Try not to lose your cool with them or become passive aggressive. That will only make you look unprofessional and your team may even start losing respect for you, especially if they think the tardy employees are not at fault.

Remember, you are frustrated with their behavior, not the late workers themselves. Getting personal by calling them names, threatening termination or screaming at them each time they come to work will only prove to be counterproductive. Deal with the situation as soon as you detect a pattern and start collecting proof of their tardiness before scheduling a meeting. Rather than doing so manually, you can simply use a time clock calculator such as Zip Clocks for a record of daily schedules.

Once that is done and the employees still refuse to time in on time, confront them with your proof. That way they will not be able to dispute you and you will come out of the predicament with the respect of your team intact.

Tardy workers can compromise your bottom line if they are not confronted. Time clock apps are a great way to not only track when your employees are punching in and out of the time clock software, but also make your workers more accountable to their shifts.

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