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Managing Your Restaurant Well with a Restaurant Manager Checklist

managing your restaurant well with a restaurant manager checklist
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

How Zip Checklist Can Help Prevent Managerial Problems with a Concise, Easy To Use Restaurant Manager Checklist

Restaurant management is a constant job of tracking moving parts and putting out fires. With Zip Checklist, you can helpfully organize all tasks and lists in one, easily-accessible location, using the Restaurant Manager Checklist.

One Person, Many Hats

Being a manager requires an extensive amount of tracking tasks, checking on staff, and keeping customers happy. Unlike most restaurant employees, the manager doesn't just have one job; they have several. They have to be responsible for nearly all aspects of the restaurant and assure quality in many different areas. The job can be overwhelming, but it can be manageable with Zip Checklist.

Keeping customers happy requires following one rule the customer is always right. It's the golden rule for a reason. Caring for customers will help to retain them and ensure your intention of always providing a quality experience. If you mishandle customer complaints, you won't just lose their business, but the business of anyone who becomes influenced by their negative word of mouth. Practice your professional, polite way of speech and make sure to genuinely care about and address their problems to prevent their dissatisfaction.

Spend time walking around in the dining area. If your staff is overwhelmed with carrying drink or food orders, give them a hand to keep things flowing. This also gives you a chance to monitor your employees' performance in practice, making sure they follow policy and give excellent service. Additionally, being quick on the scene to address customer complaints can prevent them stewing in their anger and being even more frustrated when you get to them.

One of the largest parts of proper restaurant management is handling the staff. Employees determine the success or failure of your restaurant, so assuring their productivity and happiness can significantly improve your restaurant's quality of food and customer service.

Each staff member should have a clear idea of what their assigned responsibilities are, or they will feel ambushed and overburdened by the restaurant. With Zip Checklist, this is easy to do, as they will have a list of their tasks at the beginning of each day. It also gives them autonomy to perform these tasks without having to check with you, which also frees your time to take care of your other responsibilities. Proper employee task management can help reduce costs, as stated here.

As well as being aware of what their responsibilities are, make sure they are aware of what they should not do, and what the process would look like if they break the rules or violate policy. If each employee is familiar with the disciplinary process, they will not feel surprised or unfairly treated if something happens.

Trust is Key

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To keep staff energized and excited for work, you need their respect and trust. This can be achieved multiple ways. First, it is important to give them respect, as it is expected they will do the same. By doing this, you not only get their appreciation but also provide them with the psychological responsibility of living up to your respect. Second, check in with your employees to both validate them and get their feedback. If your staff brings up any issues, address them fairly and with careful consideration. Employees you listen to will listen to you.

Checking In is Important

A good way to start your day, as employees are working on their opening tasks and setting up for the day, is to analyze your restaurant's recent finances, then go over employee performance. Going through revenue and expenditure data can help you plan for future months, as well as ensure your business is running sustainability. Also, check on the popularity and costs of menu items. Keeping an unpopular item on the menu means that you're wasting ingredient money and your chef's preparation time. If the food cost of a menu item becomes too high due to factors such as certain ingredients being out of season, catch it early and take it off of the menu.

Zip Checklist carefully tracks employee performance for you. Through the app, you can see what percentages of tasks your staff members are completing. If an employee is having problems, use this data to check against their future performance. If they do not improve, you will have concrete data to point to during a performance review. Oppositely, if an employee is dutifully completing all of their tasks, make a note and mention it to them. Compliments based on their actions make it feel personal and real, and positive reinforcement can help build a culture of appreciation in your restaurant and lead to your employees taking the quality of their work personally. Doing these management checks daily also ensures that nothing can sneak up on you. You will always be on top of managing your staff members without making them feel like you are micromanaging them.

Reviewing the Reviews

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A newer aspect of being a restaurant manager is going through online reviews. It is an unavoidable fact at this point that potential customers will find your restaurant online, which means reviews can seriously affect your client base. If there are any genuine negative reviews, address the complaints within your restaurant management system and reach out to the user to see if you can get them to give your restaurant a second chance. You should also encourage customers to give reviews based on their experiences, as people that review restaurants online typically do so because of a particularly unpleasant experience, rather than the generally enjoyable experience you give most of your customers.

A more traditional part of restaurant management is making sure your employees have what they need to deliver quality service to your customers. What your kitchen staff needs are ingredients. By keeping track of your restaurant inventory through Zip Checklist, you can always check and make sure you have what you need from your vendors or are quickly able to get it. Keeping inventory accurate and sufficient is a big part of your job precisely because it is the fuel your restaurant runs on. Taking the worry away from your chefs about having the correct amount of the right ingredients enables them to focus on the work you hired them for, and deliver superior dishes to customers.

Being a restaurant manager isn't easy and requires juggling lots of different responsibilities. With the right tools, you can keep up and ensure your staff, restaurant, and customers are all happy. Zip Checklist's Restaurant manager checklist prevents any responsibilities slipping through the cracks and enables you to make sure your restaurant keeps on delivering quality food and service.

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