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Monthly Schedule Template

monthly schedule template
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Microsoft Excel Template

monthly schedule template 1

Using Microsoft Excel is one way, although tedious, to create a schedule for your employees. Unfortunately, creating your own schedule from scratch using this method calls for a lot of time and patience, especially for those who aren’t used to it. If you are among the many people who cannot afford the time or expertise to create a spreadsheet schedule, relax, all you have to do is download a free excel template from a reputable site like Zip Schedules.

When you are challenged by employee scheduling Zip Schedules has three options for you to consider

1. Forget Excel, Start your 30-day free trial of Zip Schedules.
2. Follow our step-by-step infographic or blog to learn how to create your own template on excel.
3. Download a free, customizable scheduling template in excel format with this link

Each and every monthly schedule template from Zip Schedules is printable and extremely easy to edit. Our templates are versatile and can therefore be edited to suit any purpose, be it business, church or school.

In this article, we are going to discuss the four steps it takes to create a stable monthly work schedule.

Make a Road Map for Staffing Success

Whether it makes sense at this point or not, making a stable schedule is a must when it comes to proper time management. In the business world, a stable employee schedule has time and again been compared to a road map. The major use of a road map is to give vital information and directions regarding a strange place or locality. Without it, it would be impossible to arrive at the targeted place without getting lost and wasting a lot of time.

Write Down Your Business Goals

Having a workable employee schedule can be compared to an updated road map, all you need to do to arrive at your goals is to consult it and you will soon get there. If you get off of track, your schedule will let you know and you can thereafter move back in the right direction. Download our monthly schedule template here.

Make a List of Employees & Job Descriptions

After downloading a monthly schedule template , the first thing you need to do is to list down everything that needs to be done on a monthly basis. After you have listed down everything, put the list in front of you and start planning your schedule.

Don’t Underestimate Time Restraints

Do not make the mistake that most people do, which is to underestimate things and the time that is required to get them done. Time yourself or your team/employee well and you will soon make a good estimation of the time you need to allocate to different tasks. If you allocate too much time to a particular task or work, you will be wasting valuable time and in the same way, if you allocate too little time to a particular task or work, you will risk overworking yourself or your employee and this could lead to a burnout. After this, you can now start editing your schedule.

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