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The Benefits of an Online Attendance System for Employees

online employee attendance management system
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Attendance Management System

Whenever an online attendance system such as Zip Clock is implemented into a business, most employees tend to think that such a tool is there to specifically benefit the employers. While it is true that attendance software will offer a lot of benefits to the employers or the bosses, they also offer a lot of benefits to the employees.

If you are an employee and you are wondering what’s in for you, the following are some of the ways you can expect to benefit from our online attendance system.

Online Attendance System – Accurate Paychecks

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As an employee, nothing can be as disappointing as getting shorted on your paycheck when payday finally arrives. Correcting such mistakes takes a lot of time and effort and most times they don’t get corrected at all. Many times employees end up taking home less than what they deserve due to a poor attendance system.

With an online attendance system, employee time tracking becomes an easy and extremely accurate affair. When time records are accurate, employees can expect an accurate paycheck as well. If you don’t know how such software work, they work by recording each and every minute you spend at work. All that is required of you is to use an internet-enabled device to clock in and out of work.

Once you clock in, the clock will start a timer on the hours and minutes you have been clocked in. Once you clock out for a break, the clock will display the number of minutes you still have to eat or relax before clocking in once again.

To make things more accurate, our software will eliminate all data entry errors by transferring your data through and export to the payroll system for further processing as soon as your shift is over. This will lead to a more accurate paycheck for you and thus a happier you.

Recognizing Good and Bad Workers

As a hard-working employee, your efforts will soon be recognized through an online attendance system, and this will possibly lead to a promotion or a reward to motivate you further. In the same way, slackers will be identified and dealt with accordingly.

Improving Fairness

Most employees have been in a situation where they have witnessed fellow employees getting away with late arrivals, long lunch breaks, and premature departures. This can generate a sense of unfairness in the business and employees who always adhere to time rules will also see nothing wrong with cheating.

With time, no one will bother to stick to any rule in the business and this will eventually send the business to its knees. A reputable attendance management system will curb such behavior early and no employee will harbor feelings of annoyance due to what he or she sees and unfair treatment.

As we have already seen, with a time tracking system like Zip Clock, it will be easy to accurately record the arrival and departure time of each employee in the company. This means that our software will clearly highlight the employees who deserve a full day’s wage and those who don’t.

Also, as a faithful employee, you don’t have to worry about coworkers fooling you and others by clocking in and out of work at the comfort of their homes; Zip Clock’s attendance system uses geo-location positioning technology to smoke out workers who might try to fool everyone into thinking that they are indeed onsite each time they clock in and out .

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