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Online Digital Time Clock Software

online digital time clock software
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Online Time Clock

Efficient online time clock for employee time and attendance tracking

Human capital management is beyond doubt one of the most critical tasks of running a successful organization. Business managers are under great pressure to keep productivity high. With so much to keep an eye out for, they often find themselves struggling when it comes to employee time and attendance management.

From time consuming manual tracking making use of attendance logs to advanced online time clocks, businesses make use a mix of different techniques to keep track of the time and attendance of its employees.

Online Digital Time Clock - Managing Employee time and attendance with Zip Clock Online Time Clock

Easy and fast online digital time clock software for employees and staff! Try Zip Clock online time clock software for free.

Employee attendance and time tracking is one of the most important components of workforce management. The attendance system not only enables you to eliminate time theft and buddy punching but also simplifies the process of payroll processing and employee scheduling while at the same time facilitating compliance with labor laws and regulations even from a mobile device.

Additionally, an automated online digital time clock manager program like Zip Clock allows you to

Stay in Compliance with Wage and Hour Regulations – Automated attendance system like Zip Clock – online time clock facilitates you to comply with U.S wage and hour laws including accurate application of pay policies, total number of hours worked and simplifying the process of payroll management. By allowing you to review, edit and approve all punches, our attendance system allows superior punch management. To manage a punch, follow these steps

Punch Management Steps

Step 1 - Hover over the punch you want to look at to see if there are any violation warnings.

1. If the punch shows a pencil icon next to it, it has been edited.
2. Similarly, if it shows a violation icon, it means there has been a violation. Click the icon to check what the violation warning is for.

Step 2 - To see punch details, click on the punch.

If any edits have been made, they’ll be tracked in the audit. To check the punch audit detail, click the audit button.

Step 3 - If the punch requires edits, make changes by entering new punch times.

Step 4 - When you’re done, click ‘approve’ to approve the punch.

Efficient Workforce Management With Digital Time Clock

By automating the time consuming and laborious task of time tracking, Zip Clock digital time clock allows you to manage your workforce in an efficient manner. By simplifying the process of employee time and attendance tracking, Zip Clock time clock software allows mangers to focus more on issues that require more attention.

Managing your Workforce while on the Move With Online Time Clock

The modern business paradigm requires businesses and organizations to have diversity in their workforce to keep pace with the rapidly evolving global economic landscape. Our efficient attendance system understands the changing needs of businesses, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of time tracking options such as time clock software program, online time clock and web based time sheets that can be accessed easily from any mobile device from just about anywhere.

So what are you waiting for? Download Zip Clock online digital time clock today and save Big Dollars.

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