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7 Ways to Increase Restaurant Profits With a Printable Timesheet

online printable timesheet system
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Online Printable Timesheet System

If you're trying to save money, it's time your rethought how employee time is recorded. A web-based system with a printable timesheet can help you save money in many ways. While it is true that timesheet software requires you to invest money, typically on a monthly basis, there are many hidden costs that come with paper timesheets. In the same way, there are many hidden savings that come with adopting a web application with a printable timesheet.

Below are some of the hidden ways a printable timesheet system saves costs and increases restaurant profits

1. Eliminating paper

The first and most obvious advantage is that it cuts restaurant expenses by reducing paper use. It also enables businesses to go green. In the same way, the cost of ink and toner reduces drastically with an online system. Such costs might seem trivial but can quickly add up for restaurants with a huge number of employees. In addition with less usage come fewer breakdowns. The cost of purchasing and repairing printers goes down.

2. Saving storage room

These timesheets are stored online eradicating the need for filing cabinets and a storage room.

3. Saving time

A printable time spreadsheet saves a lot of time simply because everything can be completed online. Think of the time needed to file each piece of paperwork and picture that work being eliminated with an online printable timesheet system.

4. Accessible from anywhere

Paper timesheets are usually stored with supervisors and this makes it hard for employees to access them. A printable time spreadsheet is stored online and all relevant parties can access it whenever they wish and from wherever they are.

5. Eradication of common errors

Every time an error occurs on a paper timesheet, the employer looses some money. Nobody is immune to error and every time you risk human error you risk revenue loss.

6. Tracking of expenses

Without a printable time spreadsheet, it is not easy to break projects into tasks. You also can't effectively track employee time, productivity, time-off and personal/sick days.

7. Reducing fraud

Another way a printable timesheet system increases restaurants profits is by reducing time fraud. With paper timesheets, employees can write anything they wish on their timesheets and it would be impossible to establish their accurate timing. On the other hand, a printable timesheet system makes sure that each and every employee gets paid for exact amount of hours worked. Another type of time theft that gets eradicated by an online system is buddy punching where employees punch in and out for their buddies. With a fully integrated web-based time clock system employee time fraud can be all but eliminated.

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