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6 Free Microsoft Excel Templates You Need to Download

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Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Did you know that Microsoft Excel offers free calendar templates for individuals looking to organize at a low-cost?

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Check out this infographic to learn how to you can use free excel templates for organization at both the workplace and home. New tools don't always need to burden your bottom line.

Microsoft Excel templates are Excel workbooks that can be used as models, examples or copies to create similar workbooks. Microsoft Excel allows users to create databases, charts and lists that are not only effective and comprehensive, but functional as well. It also offers a wide variety of templates that can be used to schedule events and tasks, create budgets and send invoices among many other uses that make life easier.

Some of the most popular Microsoft Excel templates today include the following -

1. Monthly calendar template – This template enables users to create professional-looking calendars and therefore eliminates the need to buy expensive calendars year after year. The monthly calendar template also allows users to customize their calendars based on their needs and preferences. For example, it is possible to highlight important dates or events before printing the template, or to make Tuesday the first day of the week if so desired.
2. Employee shift schedule template – Through this template, Microsoft provides businesses with a free scheduling solution. This template can be downloaded through Microsoft online and installed in Excel within seconds.
3. Printable grocery list template – This one is also among the many Microsoft Excel templates that can be used to plan daily activities and to simplify finances. This template allows users to classify their purchases and makes it easier for them to pick items at the store without forgetting some items or having to move halfway across the store in search of one or two things. The printable grocery list template is very popular, especially during the holiday season.

4. To-do list template – people who have an ever growing to-do list find this Excel template very useful because it helps them to stay organized in an easy way. The template allows them to write down all their tasks and engagements in one platform that is highly customizable and easy to use. It is possible to categorize tasks with this template which simplifies life further.
5. Personal budget template– Individuals who understand the importance of saving money find this particular template very useful as it enables them to budget their weekly or monthly income in an easy and effective way. With this template, users can even create budgets for an entire year.
6. Daily food log template – This one is quite popular among weight watchers and persons on a special diet. With the daily food log template, users can track down each and every meal so as to track their calorie intake over a long period of time.

Employee Shift Schedule Template

Out of all Microsoft Excel templates, the employee shift schedule template is perhaps the most popular among business owners and managers as it offers an excellent employee scheduling platform without having to spend a lot of money. Managing employees is not an easy task, especially because employee productivity gets affected by ineffective work schedules.

Work schedules play an important role in defining roles, direction, priorities and goals. With well-thought-out employee shift schedule templates, managers can assign tasks, check availability and track employee time in a faster and more efficient way. High performance and innovation are both very important if a business is to achieve one of its most important goals – to boost profits.

While managers and HR personnel can always create work schedules from scratch, downloading Excel employee shift schedule templates is easier. These templates are highly customizable – all that is required of users is to fill in the blanks according to their scheduling needs to create personalized work schedules.

Here is how to download an Excel employee shift schedule template -

1. Go to Excel
2. Click the Microsoft office button
3. Click new
4. On the left-hand column, click Business and click "employee shift schedule" or "work schedule" from the templates provided.
5. Choose the template that suits you best, click download, and the template will automatically get installed.
6.Edit the schedule according to your needs and start the scheduling process.

Schedule can boost profits

Before venturing into the scheduling process, it is important to consider the following so as to come up with a schedule that will boost profits in the long run -

1. Employee preferences - Knowing employee preferences is important as it will enable you to accommodate some, if not all of your employees. It also eliminates most scheduling mishaps. While it's technically not possible to accommodate everyone's needs, it is always a good idea to try to accommodate some of these needs because it increases morale and therefore improves productivity. It also builds trust which in turn grows into respect in the workplace.

2. Absence requests - Other than employee preferences, tracking absence requests is also important if you are to generate an effective work schedule. It is normal for issues that prompt employees to take time off to pop up occasionally. Fortunately, it is easy to keep track of absence requests, especially through a scheduling app.

3. Important shifts - Assign the non-negotiable or most important shifts first. Once all important shifts have been filled, fill in the rest with available employees. Create an emergency schedule, also known as a plan B schedule or a backup schedule, and make sure to notify employees that are likely to be called upon in case of an emergency way in advance.

4. Allow your employees to view the schedule early - Allowing your employees see or view the schedule early will enable them to plan their needs around the schedules. It will also enable them to point out any errors way ahead of time. It is therefore wise to make your schedules in advance to give yourself some breathing space in case of any changes or edits.

Since you will be using an Excel template to make your schedule, you can either upload it directly to Google drive or send it directly to their mobiles through a scheduling app.

In addition to downloading Microsoft Excel templates via Microsoft Office to schedule your employees, there are a handful of free Excel employee scheduling templates all over the internet designed to specifically help managers plan out efficient schedules for the week or month.

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