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Pros of Modern Time Clocks

pros of modern time clocks
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Introduction Of Time Clock

According to studies conducted by independent researchers, employee morale receives a boost when time clocks are introduced in the workplace. This is understandable if you have a business that relies on flexible shift timings or employees who are regularly late. If you don’t have a documented means of recording their shift hours, chances are these staffers are sliding under the radar to the annoyance of hard working and punctual employees.

Dedicated employees are not interested in cheating the system or clock in early just to slack off so that they seem more productive. However, if the time clock they use to punch in their time is defective or can be adjusted easily, it can offer a tempting window of opportunity to slacking employees. Bottom line is that once the former see the latter cheating the system, they will feel de-motivated and you can end up losing hard working staff.

Mechanical Clocks

This was possible with mechanical clocks and one of the most notorious means of doing so was employee buddy punching. Basically employees who are running late ask their friends to clock them in so that their tardiness isn’t recorded. However, this can be eliminated with a biometric time clock that relies on finger print recognition or Geo positioning software that allows employers to see where each employee is when they use a mobile device to clock in.

Once standards for punctuality are set this way, honest employees can become more motivated. These are the ones you need to keep happy since they will act as the standard when you are recruiting new workers. Additionally, you can also.

1. Eliminate the need for complex time sheets,
2. Redirect your resources to more productive endeavors,
3. Eliminate paperwork completely
4. Reduce labor costs and increase productivity

Managing Time Clock

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Time clocks are also easier to manage compared to old fashioned time cards. Since they are designed to record time records for each employee in a database, all you have to do is download that information to prepare a payroll quickly. Besides eliminating the need of collecting time cards, the system will be free of errors and you can reduce the time needed to address employee complaints exponentially. Unseen costs can also crop up if employees are not paid for the hours they worked for accurately or paid consistently.

That is not to say that attendance systems are new. They have been around for years, but they were considered costly for small businesses. With more refined designs and results, modern time clocks such as Zip Clock have become feasible options for small businesses in the service industry which depend on shift workers. The software is easy to understand and is an affordable way for owners, managers, and supervisors to control and monitor employee compliance with work schedules and shift times. It also comprises of a geo-positioning feature which tracks where employees are when they use a mobile device to clock in or out so you can be assured they are on the job site.

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