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The Signs You Need a Reporting Web App

reporting web app
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

No one thinks they need a reporting web app – until they do, that is.

Maybe you consider yourself to be one of these people. Maybe you're frustrated by the idea of downloading yet another reporting tool that ends up failing to deliver on its promises. Or maybe you don't want to use apps for your business just yet; in fact, you think you're getting along just fine with your existing reports and documentation.

If that sounds familiar, we're certainly not ones to judge – but here at Hubworks , we really do think you need a reporting web app.

Hear us out. We know plenty of business owners, managers, and key employees who've all thought that they could get along just fine without any sort of mobile reporting app. These are the same professionals who think that the systems and documents they're currently using are working out; therefore, they don't need any changes.

But these are the same people who end up losing track of important business data. They miss out on important seasonal trends. They can't keep track of what's doing well in their inventory – and what they need to abandon at all costs.

We just don't want to see you become one of those people – and that's why we're happy to show you the signs that you really need a reporting web app. Check them out here, and see if you can recognize any of them!

Sign 1 - You Have a Tough Time Making Decisions

Not all decisions are easy to make, especially when they can impact your business. But if you're crippled by self-doubt whenever you're asked to make a major decision about your company, it's high-time you introduced yourself to a reporting web app.

The reason behind this is simple - a reporting app can show you all the data you need to make your business decisions with more confidence. Think about it this way – your past business data can show you critical information about your customers, their buying behavior, seasonal trends, and what products in your inventory are selling like hotcakes.

But if you don't have this information at your fingertips, it can be that much harder to make confident and well-informed decisions. But with a reporting web app by your side, you'll be able to quickly and easily see the data you need to make decisions faster – and with a lot more confidence!

Sign 2 - You're Losing Track of All Your Business Data

It's not that difficult to go back to business data from a week ago – maybe even a month ago. But what happens if someone asked you for specific information from last year? Two years ago? Heck, maybe even five years ago?

Unless you have a photographic memory, it can be tough knowing where all of your business data is located – unless, of course, you're using a reporting web app. With this mobile app, there's no muss or fuss. Just set the date, outline the data you need, and boom – it's there.

Forget rifling through dozens of papers or trying to remember where you put the business files from last year. With a web app, it's right at your fingertips, whenever you need it.

Sign 3 - Your Business Data Isn't Mobile

These days, business leaders are expected to know answers to questions about their companies even when they're outside of the 9 to 5. That's why you need your business data to be mobile; in other words, it has to go wherever you go.

If you're using an outdated computer system or gasp paper files to track your data, you have to be in the office just to access the data you need. What happens if a stakeholder asks you a question during a board meeting? Or you run into a really great contact that could help your business? You want to show them your business data right then and there – not when you happen to be in your office.

With a reporting web app, however, you can instantly reveal your business data no matter where your day takes you. Whether you're in a meeting or running into a high-powered professional, just whip out your smartphone and swipe your finger to show off your company's best data.

Get Your Reporting Web App Today

Don't settle for outdated systems or apps that fail to deliver. Get the on-demand business data you need by downloading the BEST reporting web app today.

Oh, by the way – did we mention that it's free? Check it out here.

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