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8 Fool-Proof Steps to an Effective Restaurant Schedule

effective restaurant schedule
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Great Tips to Save You Time And Motivate Employees

restaurant schedule

Preparing a restaurant schedule is not an easy task, especially when you are dealing with a large number of employees. But with the right strategies, restaurant owners and their managers can create great schedules that will satisfy the needs of their restaurants and also the needs of their employees.

Here are some great tips that will not only save you time and relieve your stress, but will also motivate employees and enhance productivity

1. The Busiest Shifts Require the Best Employees -

This simply entails allocating your strongest workers during the busiest times of day.

2. Offer Prime Time Shifts To Everyone -

To keep all employees happy and motivated, allocate everyone, including the newest and less experienced employees, at least one prime time shift a week when creating your restaurant schedule. This will not only keep employees happy but will also give them great learning platforms.

3. Schedule Everyone At Least One Day Shift -

Scheduling everyone at least one day shift will not only open up prime opportunities for everyone, it will also enable you to have a stronger lunch shift and this will in turn create stronger sales and better customer experiences.

4. Personal Time -

Give your employees personal time. Whenever possible, schedule them 2 days off in a row when creating the weekly or monthly restaurant schedule. This will motivate them to work harder and also reduce absences and tardiness.

5. Avoid Scheduling Close/Opens -

In this case, scheduling close/opens mean scheduling the same employees who close to be the same employees who open the next morning. Scheduling close/opens is a perfect example of mediocrity in the restaurant.

6. Always Consider Full-timers First -

Whenever you find that you have fewer shifts and more workers, always reserve the available shifts to your full-timers.

7. Try to Grant Employee Requests -

While it is clear that the needs of your restaurant comes first, try to grant employee requests whoever you can, especially when an emergency is involved. In spite of this, you have the right to turn down requests and you should make this clear to your workers.

8. Post Early and Consistently -

Be prepared for the worst by posting your schedules early and advise your employees to submit their availability by Tuesday. This will enable you to create your restaurant schedule on Wednesday and post it on Thursday at the latest. And for better communication, you can take advantage of a reliable employee scheduling app to ensure that your employee receive their schedules within minutes.

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