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How to End Annoying Server Habits in Your Restaurant

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Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Restaurant Manager with Scheduling Tools

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Scheduling tools, such as Zip Schedules, are known for creating employee schedules very efficiently. For example, through such a tool, the manager can offer available shifts to all, or some of his employees. Through the same scheduling tool, employees can request shift swaps, and the manager still gets to approve the swaps through the same tool. In addition, an employee can request a day off via the scheduling tool, and the manager still gets to approve or decline the request via the app.

But scheduling tools are also known for their powerful communication abilities which make it possible to deliver messages in a matter of seconds. Zip Schedules has a mobile app which allows the manager to send quick messages to his employees. In the same way, the mobile app also makes it possible for the employees to communicate with each other without necessarily exchanging phone numbers or email addresses.

Now, as a modern manager, it is very possible to use the instant messaging options that come with reputable scheduling tools to curb or stop some employee habits that drive clients insane. All you need to do is to send occasional messages to your employees, whereby you can include reminders, tips and suggestions on how to improve their services.

Scheduling Tools – Send Special Reminders to Employees

There are many server habits that annoy clients, but one that is particularly irritating is when servers or waiters ignore a table just because they have not been assigned that particular table for the day or for the night. To curb this annoying habit, talk to your employees about this issue and advise them on how to handle such matters without ignoring the tables they are not assigned to. Or worse, to tell clients to, "wait for their assigned waiter". An excellent idea would be to use your scheduling tool to send special reminders to your employees before they start their shifts.

Scheduling Tools – Share Tips, Suggestions, and Solutions with Employees

Another equally annoying server habit that scheduling tools can help you curb is when your employees are always asking the customers if they need change for a tip. This is a greedy trait that is present even in the most established restaurants. While it is polite to leave a tip for a waiter who has served you particularly well, it is not a must. Talk to your employees about this greedy habit and send them reminders through their phones shortly before they start their shifts.

The other habit that clients will not forgive is taking their plates away even before they are finished. Such clients end up feeling like they are being asked to vacate their seats indirectly. Another thing they hate is when the waiter returns huge amounts of food to the kitchen without offering to have it packed so that the customer can take it home. In this day and age when the economy is not showing any signs of improvement, most people are looking for ways to save that extra dime, and wasting food is certainly not something they are keen at doing.

As a modern manager, take advantage of scheduling tools to share tips, solutions, and suggestions with your servers and other employees, and keep your customers happy in the process.

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