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Manage a Restaurant Effortlessly with Staff Management Software

restaurant staff management software
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Restaurant Task Management Software

Hiring a personal assistant to help you manage shift scheduling for a single restaurant can be expensive. Besides the monthly paychecks, you will have no leg to stand on if your assistant bails or leaves for any reason whatsoever. Well, with restaurant task management software, you can ensure this does not happen to you.

Automatic Task Scheduler

It's simple really. An automatic task based shift scheduling software has everything you need to create new shifts, set schedules, tweak old ones, check shift timings and approve/disapprove shift swaps in an instant among other benefits. Here's how such software can streamline your workload and make difficult tasks easier to manage-

Send unlimited Emails and Alerts to Employees

Staff scheduling can be a hassle especially when your employee's availability changes on a weekly basis. However, with a digital scheduler, you won't need to run after your team members or try to call them each time there is a change in an employee schedule. If you have an automatic task scheduler installed on your mobile phone, you can get in touch with them through the accompanying app. For instance if you have to make a last minute schedule or shift change, it will automatically notify them by email or push notification depending on the setting they have turned on. The best part is that you can do this as often as you like!

Multi location and platform Support

Even if you have more than one restaurant, this employee scheduling software will not let you down. No matter how far away your employees are located, you can manage them remotely. This includes managing staff remotely, preventing over scheduling or double booking as well as overtime. Plus, since such employee scheduling solutions can be accessed through any tablet, mobile or smart device, you can remain in constant contact with your restaurant staff no matter where you are.

Remain in Control and Flexible at the same time

No one likes a stiff or confused supervisor especially when shift scheduling comes into the picture! With a digital scheduler, you can allow your employees to make time off requests by sending a message for your approval. You will receive a notification as soon as they do this and your approval or rejection will reach them the moment you send it. This way you can use the work scheduler to reschedule shifts or assign others to take over abandoned ones without stressing out.

So, in a nutshell, with an employee shift scheduler, you can-

Offer open shifts to employees that are up for grabs
Approve/Reject shift trades between employees
Send important messages to employees through email or text
Remain in control of your team at all times

Take the confusion out of managing your restaurant by integrating a digital scheduler such as Zip Schedules in your daily tasks. Your diners and staff will thank you for it.

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