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Why you need to Integrate Payroll with Restaurant Software

restaurant payroll software
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Restaurant Payroll Software

Have you been thinking of integrating payroll with your restaurant software but you still aren't sure if it will be worth your time and money? An integrated system comes with a lot of benefits, especially when a restaurant has a mobile workforce. In spite of this, some restaurants still prefer to schedule employees, track time and attendance, and prepare payroll manually which is very tiring and terribly inefficient.

Tracking time and attendance can be difficult for restaurants seeing that detailed records have to be kept if all employees are to be paid the correct amount and if sick days and holidays are to be recorded accurately. An integrated system takes a huge burden off HR, payroll department, and the entire workforce at large.

In addition to this, integrating payroll with time and attendance software or a jobclock comes with the following benefits

Advantages of Integrating Payroll with Restaurant Software

a. One of the most obvious benefits of an integrated system is that it significantly reduces the amount of paperwork flowing around the restaurant.
b. Another benefit of an integrated system is that it drastically reduces the time it takes to manually transfer data into a separate payroll system.
c. It also makes it easy to access comprehensive information, such as sick days and overtime, and this makes budgeting and planning easier.
d. Integrating a jobclock with payroll also averts the errors that are quite common with paper timesheets and other basic access databases. An integrated system identifies errors immediately, especially monetary errors, which leads to very high returns in terms of saved costs.
e. This kind of system enables management to analyze schedule patterns and resource requirements without much difficulty. This helps with workforce management and also allows the management team to be more creative with employee schedules and to also accommodate employee needs and request when creating schedules.
f. Integrating payroll with restaurant software also gives managers or the management team vital insight into tardiness and absence patterns. This in turn empowers them to deal with such situations quickly.
g. Employees also get to benefit from an integrated system. For example, when a restaurant chooses to integrate payroll with time and attendance software such as a jobclock, the payroll department is able to pay employees on time and without any payroll errors. To do so, the department needs accurate data on time worked, sick days, overtime, and holidays. Data accuracy applies in many other areas not mentioned here but still prove to be an annoyance for the payroll department, such as unpaid leave, lateness, and so on.

Also, integrating payroll with restaurant software promotes greater teamwork. Sharing data, knowledge, and ideas through an integrated system promotes transparency and accountability, which in turn leads to a happier and more productive workforce.

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