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Scheduling Mistakes You Can Prevent With a Scheduling App

5 scheduling mistakes you can prevent with a restaurant scheduling app
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Employee scheduling App

restaurant scheduling app

Employee scheduling is one area where a restaurant scheduling app or an app for scheduling employees can help, especially when it comes to the various scheduling mistakes most managers tend to make. However, a restaurant scheduling app is only as good as the data entered into it. When used well, it always helps to avoid the following scheduling mistakes, and it therefore contributes to satisfied customers, a happy staff, and a thriving restaurant -

Preferential Treatment

No one enjoys being undervalued and when employees keep seeing other employees getting special treatment, such as "better" schedules, more time off and so on, it will be hard for them to feel equal. A restaurant scheduling app will help you to take an objective look at your scheduling processes so as to put all employees on the same footing.

Repeatedly Forgetting or Ignoring Time off Requests

Sometimes, employees get frustrated when they have to work on days they previously requested time off for. Of course, employees are usually quick to understand that when all is said and done, their requests are just requests – not guarantees. In spite of this, managers should always make every effort to approve these requests. Forgetting or losing employee requests promotes an image of arrogance and incompetence and it is therefore unacceptable. This is one area where a restaurant scheduling app app or an app for scheduling employees can help since it allows employee to make such requests through the app and the app never forgets a time off request, or any other request for that matter.

Failing to Consider Employee Qualifications and Talents

Failing to consider employee qualifications or certifications when creating a schedule will reflect poorly on a restaurant's image, or any another business for that matter, and this will definitely create room for bad reviews. A restaurant scheduling app will enable you to align the proper skills with the proper shifts for easier and effective scheduling.

Copying the Same Schedule

While it can be tempting to copy and paste a schedule repeatedly, especially because an app for scheduling employees makes it extremely easy to do so, copy and pasting a schedule can result in unforeseen and unwanted surprises because some scheduling factors vary from day to day or week to week. Before copying a schedule, take the time to research and to inspect your past sales figures, events in your area, past schedules, time off requests, and so on. In fact, some apps for scheduling employees have built in forecasting engines that can do this all for you.

Double Scheduling

Scheduling two employees for the same shift or entirely forgetting to schedule someone for a shift are usually accidental errors that are too common among restaurant managers. But with the right scheduling tools, it should be easy to avoid over-scheduling or under-scheduling a shift. Online scheduling software, such as a restaurant scheduling app will eliminate scheduling conflicts and even highlight your mistakes before you get to publish your schedules.

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