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Do You Really Need The Best Restaurant Scheduling Software This Year?

do you really need the best restaurant scheduling software this year
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Restaurant Scheduling Software benefit

best restaurant scheduling software

Any restaurant, be it large or small, will benefit from restaurant scheduling software. According to a recent study, the average restaurant manager usually spends around 8 hours a week creating and adjusting employee schedules using printed ledgers and spreadsheets. As a restaurant grows, so does the number of its employees and paper-based scheduling may no longer be as effective as it was before.

Paper-based scheduling can be a difficult and time-consuming task, even when only a minimum number of employees are involved. There are many scheduling factors a restaurant manager considers when creating schedules, including employee skills, work habits, anticipated sales, employee availability, last-minute changes, overall labor costs and so on.

Whenever one or more of these factors are ignored or are incorrect, a restaurant stands to lose sales and can even face lawsuits. In short, employee scheduling is a wearisome, time-consuming task that only the managers with restaurant scheduling software enjoy doing. This is because restaurant scheduling software allows managers or the person in charge of employee scheduling to input many scheduling factors into a format that enables the software to remember everything whenever a schedule is being created or updated.

Below are 5 reasons why you need to implement restaurant scheduling software as soon as possible -


Restaurant scheduling software automates the scheduling process thus saving managers a significant amount of time. Once a manager inputs employee preferences into a quality scheduling system, the system will always take the preferences into account. As a manager, you will no longer have to worry about little details, such as a waiter who doesn't work Monday afternoons for one reason or another, and so on.

Staffing Adjustments

Choosing to schedule employees via a web-based system enables restaurant managers to collect important data and to use the same data when making staffing decisions. For example, once the manager has identified the peak hours of the restaurant, he or she will be in a better position to schedule employees according to customer demand.

Self -Scheduling

Restaurant scheduling software allows employees to deal with last-minute changes personally through self-scheduling. Instead of asking their managers to find replacements for their shifts or emailing the entire workforce hoping to find relevant replacements, scheduling software will enable employees to reach out to one another behind-the-scenes. This way, shift coverage deals can be discussed and worked out without necessarily involving the manager. However, employees can only make changes to their schedules with the consent of the manager unless previous authorization is made in the system.

Unlimited Changes

As you probably know, even a single change or alteration to a daily or weekly schedule can cause various setbacks that can take hours, or even days, to sort out. By switching from manual employee scheduling to automatic scheduling through restaurant scheduling software, managers are able to update schedules whenever necessary and employees are able to receive automatic notifications whenever a schedule has been updated.

Hour Accessibility

It is a common thing for employees to ask questions whenever a schedule has been published or distributed. With restaurant scheduling software, employees will be able to view their schedules whenever they wish through their smartphones and other internet-enabled devices. This reduces the number of questions and enquiries managers receive through phone calls, texts, and emails on a daily basis. It also eradicates the chances of employees missing their shifts claiming not to have been aware they had a shift.

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