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Online Restaurant Staff Task Management App

restaurant staff management app
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Say goodbye to frustration for you and your team members.

Running a successful restaurant is complicated and time-consuming. While the restaurant industry is exciting and rewarding, it requires a good share of a manager's time.

Let's take a peek at a common scenario. It's a Thursday night, and while you should be focused on food quality and presentation, the appearance of your restaurant, and customer satisfaction, you're stuck in the back room, pouring over a well-worn schedule book, with a pencil that's quickly growing dull. The fluorescent light overhead flickers, and you catch yourself daydreaming about dinner. You're sorting through hand written notes, with shift change requests, and scheduling changes. Wait. You just remembered that someone sent a text that they can't make it in next week because of a family emergency. You try to jog your memory, who was that? You look through your phone to no avail. Frustrated, you finish up next week's schedule and hope for the best.

It's time to say hello to Zip Schedules

Our Zip Schedules app is the perfect for solution for managing your team's time. Before a staff task scheduling app like Zip Schedules was available, managers were left to schedule shifts the old way, spending countless hours putting pieces of an intricate puzzle together. Regardless of your industry, Zip Schedules can get you scheduling in minutes, instead of hours. Our unique online schedule maker includes fast setup, effortless shift scheduling, labor law reminders, budgeting, effortless communication, and a simple way to manage schedule requests.

We'll have you set up and flying in no time

Within about 15 minutes, you'll be up and running. Our revolutionary start-up wizard gets you ready to go in minutes, and you'll be scheduling with ease the very same day.

See what you can do with Zip Schedules

a. With our scheduling app, you can create standard shifts and schedule templates, meaning it will be quick and easy to use common schedules again and again, with a simple copy and paste.
b. While you're writing your schedule, you'll be alerted if you're making a potential breach of labor laws, making it easy to align with regulations.
c. Knowing that budget is of high importance, our scheduling app enables you to create schedules that line up with your weekly labor budgets, helping you stay on target. This means protecting you from over or under scheduling. Our unique forecasting engine helps you predict your busiest days based on your transaction history.
d. What's more, you can effortlessly accept or deny requests from your staff for time off or shift swaps. You and your team can download our app on mobile devices, compatible with both iPhone and Android. Hey, no one can say they didn't see the schedule again; it's on their phone – which is likely connected to them.

Zip Schedules is a one-of-a-kind work monitoring app that eliminates wasted time and frustration for you and your staff. We know – running a restaurant is complicated enough, let us help with Zip Schedules.

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